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How To Make Your Manhood Bigger And Harder

Do you know why Vikings wrapped red-hot coals around their private parts?

They did it to make them larger and harder.

That’s just one of the interesting facts I learned from this video on the World’s BEST (and WORST) penis enlargement techniques.


You should watch this video if you’re interested in growing bigger. Because it’s chock full of cool, interesting facts about which techniques work… and which ones don’t.

Like how African tribesmen try to grow longer. (HINT: It involves a piece of wood and a SERIOUSLY messed up trick…)

Or how ancient Chinese KUNG FU promised to make you longer and harder in bed.

(You’ve got to see what this one guy does with his junk…)

This video is one of the most entertaining I’ve seen in years. So I’m sharing this video with you.

BUT! I have to come clean…

Because that video doesn’t JUST teach you interesting facts… it also shows you a natural way to grow larger without pills, pumps, exercises or surgery.

And that’s really why I enjoyed watching it so much.

Now, I know it seems like a big promise, but it’s coming from my friend Alex Allman.

Alex is the “straight man” in my band of manly misfits.

Everything that comes out of his mouth is science, science, science. In fact, he was invited on TEDx to talk.

And his main business isn’t selling pills, it’s counseling couples with their relationships!

So he’s as far from a snake oil salesman as you can possibly get. Which is why I paid close attention to his free video…

And why I highly recommend you pay attention, too. Here’s that link again:

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6 Responses

  1. Cordyceps a medicinal mushroom formula by Myco formulas is very good. Also L-arginine and also zinc is good for libido.

  2. hello, my problem is not to get bigger or harder, i just can`t get hard at all, no matter what we do, nothing happens, it`s like a wet noodle and stays that way, any suggestions, thank`s, Phil

  3. Currently men are experiencing a post-feminist era. Now men are asked to be sexual slaves. Period. We need to bring back what belong to us. And that´s called MASCULINITY. The courage to discard any woman that makes us believe we are obliged to please her. Gone are (good) times when everything was way more natural (when it comes to sex) with little to no pshychological demand. Mainstream media (in a scary, subtle, disguised way) makes men believe they have small penises just to make the unaware ones worried and pshycologically diseased. Few to no data are available to enhance masculinity, everything is focused on male´s sexual performance. A real modern slavery. No educational material to focus a woman´s etiquette – on how a woman must behave. Sexual liberty is a must today – as if this were a good thing…. Good values such as consideration, empathy and others are put aside (outside) the sexual etiquette. Sincerely, speaking, if one watches this move from above, evrything is easily detected. There are loopholes in this (“modern”) sexual play. And critical, important ones. Men need their masculinty back. A penis must never be a trade item. If this is so, what a woman´s items could be? Breast size? Celullite? Beautiful legs? A tight pussy (whatchout guys, this is far the most important – if not the only one – missing link for you to take a decision on keeping your woman or not!). Is there any educational material on how to make a pussy tighter in order to please her man? NO. It´s all about penis size. Despite being a “normal”, ” avarage” guy, I proudly discard any and every woman that has had a past experience with a bigger penis. Period. And I am pretty happy with this move of mine. Fuck the hell a loosy pussy.

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