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Kama Sutra Sex Positions

Kama Sutra Sex Positions

Make her FEEL your HUGE hard-on regardless of your size…

Bestselling author and sex expert Gabrielle Moore says 55% of men are not satisfied with the size of their manhood. Here’s how you can get BIGGER and go DEEPER into your woman without pills, pumps, potions and surgery.

Discover 21 sex positions to make your penis feel twice as large inside her!

I’m sure you’ve heard of the Kama Sutra.

It’s often been called the “Bible” of sex positions, however it goes much deeper than that.

The book also details how size doesn’t matter very much when it comes to pleasure, sheds light on genital size compatibility, and HOW you use your genitals is far more important than its size.

Simply put… even the Kama Sutra says it’s not about the size but how you use it.

And that’s exactly why Gabrielle Moore is sharing techniques and positions that help you feel BIGGER and go DEEPER and still give her amazing orgasmic pleasure during sex.


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⇐ 21 Sex Positions To Make Your Penis Feel Twice As Large Inside Her

Instead of thinking about bigger dicks, you should focus on making yours healthier, harder and stronger so you can plunge deep into your woman.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your manhood powerful:

#1) Quit Smoking

Not only will you smell bad (unless your lover smokes too), smoking kills your circulation. Bad circulation causes weaker, limper and even shorter penises (studies have shown smoking can make penises shrink by up to 1 cm).

#2) Cardio

Simple cardio like jogging or even just walking for 30 minutes up to an hour will not only help you get fit and lose excess fat, it also helps circulation… which leads to stronger, harder towers of power.

#3) Have lots of sex… even by yourself!

Regular erections actually help make your penis stronger and harder. There’s a saying that goes, “Use it or lose it.” So have lots of sex with your partner. Even masturbation helps in keeping you stronger as long as you don’t focus on getting off ASAP. Instead, try to gas and brake during masturbation, vary your stroking speed, and keep it hard. Think of it as training your manhood to be ready for fight night.

There are more, but these should do for now.

Check out Gabrielle Moore’s BIGGER and DEEPER program where she shows you sex techniques and positions to help you get BIGGER and go DEEPER into your woman so she can come and come and come for you.

I took a sneak peek inside Gabrielle Moore’s package and got so turned on I wanted to have sex immediately… Here’s what YOU get inside Bigger and Deeper:

  • Sexual positions that make you FEEL BIGGER and GO DEEPER in your woman.
  • Thrusting and movement techniques that make you BIGGER and help you go DEEPER.
  • Smoking hot techniques to get her to come while you’re thrusting deep inside her.
  • Anal play techniques so she’ll WANT you to deeper from behind.

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