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How To Know If A Guy Really Loves You

How To Know If A Guy Really Loves You

More and more men are screwing around with more and more women… instead of settling down they are playing the field.

Use this Cupid Effect to make a man swear his heart to you, stay committed and love you forever…

One of the most common questions I get from women, whether they’re single, in a relationship, or already married is about how men just find it so hard to truly commit.

The actual questions may be different, but it all boils down to…

“Why doesn’t he like/love me enough?”

Honey, the truth is, you’re asking the wrong question. Here’s why…


There’s no real answer to that question regardless of how you phrase it.

If you have to ask, you’re already setting yourself up for failure. At a subconscious level, you’re already expecting a negative, hurtful answer like…

“You’re not pretty enough…”

“You’re not sexy enough…”

“You’re too fat and ugly…”

“All men are dogs who just want to screw everything that moves…”

All these answers may sound like “truth bombs” or “reality bites” that hurt you, yet hold a deeper, cathartic meaning.

Well, no they don’t.

None of these hold any gravity to them.

All they do is end up hurting you.

Because the reality is, it’s not about what’s wrong with you, it’s about what you can do to move things forward.

You see, attraction is like a staircase. You start from the bottom and work your way up.

Step 1… step 2… step 3… and so on.

The goal is to move him from “zero attraction” to “complete, undeniable passion, intimacy and commitment.”

So the REAL question to ask is… “How can I MAKE him like/love me enough?”

“…to notice me…”

“…to hang out with me…”

“…to be my boyfriend… “

“…to forget that other women exist…”

“…to think about having a life with me…”

“…to finally propose… “

“…to remember that he loves me and WILL continue to love me forever and ever…”

And here’s the answer.

To get through each step, men need to realize time and time again that YOU are worth it.

He needs to FEEL through in his entire body.

Without it, he won’t budge.

He won’t take a step forward.

So you take him through it ONE STEP AT A TIME.

To get him to notice you, be fun and exciting and FORCE him to notice you.

Do something crazy like challenging him to a singing contest, a rap battle, or even a contest to see who can eat the most tacos in one sitting. And beat his ass to the ground!

To get him to hang out with you, maybe do something fun like a guys versus ladies game night. You can start with group hangouts so it won’t feel awkward right away. Then slowly move things so it will just be the two of you.

Just remember to be yourself and always have fun.

Now, if I’m starting to sound like I’m telling you to make the first move, well…

Why the heck not?

Hello! It’s 2017, and it’s perfectly fine and acceptable for women to make the first move.

In fact, it’s advisable.

Men today have, in some weird way, become as scared of love, relationships, and commitment as much as women.

And if you want to cement the deal —and make it so much easier for you to move him through each step to complete commitment…

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  1. VerY nic sweet tu you Ì like you

  2. If you don’t want him to have “weird” feers about committing, bring up how pro-prenuptial that will protect him you are within the first few dates. Men rightfully fear commitment because women burn down everything without reason or cause because they’re enabled and encouraged to, without consequences by our current system!

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