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How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Madly

How To Make A Guy Fall In Love With You Madly

This video explains why men won’t fall 100% in love until you do this ONE thing.

Women email me a lot and ask me why their boyfriends, male friends, or guys they like suddenly act distant for no reason at all.

Truth is, there are lots of reasons.

And here’s the BIG one.

The video on this page shows you exactly how a woman can “shoot a potent injection of love” into any man’s heart causing him to immediately see you as “the one” he wants to be with forever.

Some men choose to avoid love and commitment so they won’t have to risk getting hurt or having to switch “roles” because they feel the woman will take his throne away from him.

And when their “Male Defenses” are up, it completely blocks the possibility of romance and commitment ever entering the conversation.

He becomes cold and distant, looks at and thinks of other women, and considers whatever option he can find just to get away from having to make a long-term commitment.

However, he will shut off this defense mechanism the moment he meets (or realizes he’s already with) a woman whom he feels is “The One.”

If you want to be THAT woman for him, all you have to do is flip the “switch” in his head that makes him look at you as “The One” he wants to be with and not be intimidated by love and commitment.

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Stopping him from pulling away and finally putting an end to any wishy-washy behavior he has when it comes to committing himself completely to you.


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  1. I’m the woman for him
    I Need to learn more of this mesg for guys

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