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Month 14 – Her Responsibilities For A Passionate Marriage

Dr. Lori Buckley: Relationship Expert

Dr. Lori Buckley is a licensed psychologist, relationship expert and AASECT certified sex therapist. She has been helping individuals and couples improve their relationships and enhance their sex-lives for over 15 years. Dr. Buckley has appeared on numerous television shows, which include The Larry King Show, The Talk, and The Doctors, and has been a columnist for Men’s Health “Best Life” and Women’s Health magazines. She has appeared as an expert and host in over 20 instructional videos including “Great Sex for A Lifetime”, and “Your Sensual Pregnancy” ( Dr. Buckley has a private practice in Pasadena, CA , and is the author of the book “21 Decisions for Great Sex and A Happy Relationship”, and host of the “Looking for Love” podcast.

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What are you really good at in your specific practice? What is your “sweet spot” for helping people? Hit us with those insights.

Let’s talk about preventative measures. How does a man keep his sex life hot with his woman instead of having it slowly degrade over time? What should he have done (hindsight is 20:20) so as to not end up in this situation of her libido being flatlined?

Is it his “responsibility” to revive her drive? If yes, why does he have to do all the “work?” If it’s not all his responsibility, how can he get her to want to take responsibility for having hot sex too?

What are her responsibilities?

What does a man not understand about a woman’s body when it comes to touch, arousal, and intercourse?

What can he do to and for himself to move the relationship toward more passion? Not just what he’s doing to HER – but instead, what practices, perspectives, and responsibilities are within his control in his own body, emotions and spirit?

Polarity. How important an issue is this for keeping sex hot?
How can a couple keep their polarity going in the modern era of equality?

Share any at-home sexual healing modalities that might help this couple.
If there’s one piece of advice you’d give a man who is trying to revive his wife’s sex drive, what would it be?

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