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10 Tips To Make A Beautiful Stranger Want You

Interactive Discussion with Woman

“I knew the first time we met you’d be impossible to forget…” Be a memorable man each time you walk up to a woman with these flawless approach strategies.

Before you snuggle up in the morning to a gorgeous naked woman in your bed… before the all-night lovemaking marathon… and even before you get a chance to make out with her…

You have to APPROACH her.

What’s tragic is that this is where a lot of guys struggle most… the very beginning!

For a lot of men, talking to a beautiful stranger is the HARDEST part.

How do you walk up to a woman you like… perhaps a stranger who caught your eye, or a pretty lady friend you’ve been wanting to date (and make love to) for a long time… and tell her you like her and not have her shoot you down?

Well, get your pen and paper ready because here are 10 tips you can use immediately to approach a woman and create a connection that leads to a little something-something…

#1 – Look relaxed, confident and chill.

Easier said than done, right?

However, if you can pull off a straight face without looking like a fool, you attraction factor will be very high. You can pull this off with the help of my next tip…


#2 – Don’t worry about the outcome.

This may sound counter-intuitive because of course you want to get a positive outcome to your approach, but this is incredibly helpful to boost your confidence and ballsiness.

When you adopt an attitude of curiosity, it takes a ton of tension and pressure off of you, frees up your head and causes you to be more confident and fluid. Which leads to my next tip…

#3 – Be as articulate as possible.

No woman is going to be impressed if you keep tripping over yourself when you’re talking to her.

A little practice in front of a mirror pays off.

When I record videos for you, I practice, practice, and practice. Saying a few of the key phrases available to you as you click through this email will pay off in a lifetime of confidence.

My next tip also makes talking to a woman incredibly easier.

#4 – Talk about things that interest her.

You see, if you’re not one of those naturally suave and natural talkers, then DON’T be.

Instead, let her do most of the talking. Let her create the wave and just ride on it. Plus, we ladies LOVE to talk (if you know how to engage us.)

Pretty mind-blowing, I know. It works really well too.

My next tip also makes talking to a woman surprisingly easy. And you’ll have a near-endless supply of topic fodder.

#5 – Talk about other people.

Sounds simple, right? That’s because it is.

Instead of worrying about interesting topics to talk about… and aside from letting her talk about HER interests, talk about other people.

“The people around her are fascinating to watch. What have you been noticing about the people here?”

“This place draws such a diverse crowd. I always feel at home here. Is this your first time here?”

Easy. Magic.

#6 – Don’t be needy.

The ONE thing that turns off a woman is when a guy is needy.

Just DON’T. Never ever try to seek her approval. Don’t try to “grab” her attention. Don’t try to please her too much.

Be a man. Be THE man.

#7 – Always remember that you deserve her.

Every move you make… every word you say… these should all give her (and everyone else) the vibe that you deserve to be talking to her.

Not just that, you also deserve to be in her presence. You deserve to have her in your bedroom tonight. Do not hesitate to embody the belief that you too deserve this gorgeous woman just because she’s pretty and seems top-shelf.

You deserve her.

Not because you’re rich (you don’t have to be), or you’re movie-star handsome (you don’t have to be)… but because you are awesome (and you are.)

#8 – Keep her on her toes.

Always be unpredictable. With the topics you engage her in, to the words and responses you make, to the actions you take.

Being unpredictable turns a woman on because she’s never going to know what will happen next when she’s with you.

This is the “romantic adventure” she craves… a masculine leader who has great ideas.

#9 – Tease her.

Show her you’re a dominant gentleman by affectionately teasing her.

When you tease a woman and/or are willing to say random, offhand or even silly things, it shows her very clearly that you have NO FEAR of her.

Believe me, most women are 100% aware that if a man is reduced to a sniveling wad of nerves when even faced with talking to HER, then there’s just NO WAY he’s going to be fit to be that protector (and by proxy, a provider) anytime the stakes are any higher than that.

Being a “Mr. Nice Guy”, keeping conversation neutral and playing it safe have a “fear of loss” scribbled all over them. Women can sense the cowardice in an instant.

And obviously, if you wimp out from even talking to her, it’s all over before it has even started.

But when you boldly tease her and make light conversation with her, you actively demonstrate you don’t FEAR her in any way.

You don’t fear offending her by merely being interested. You’re not worried about bothering her. You’re not concerned about saying the “wrong thing”.

And speaking of boldly…

#10 – If she’s with another guy, walk up to her anyway.

Whether she’s with a bunch of guy friends, with a date, or a gay friend, or even with her squad…

Nothing says you are a confident man if you approach her even when she’s surrounded by other people. This is especially true if she’s with her boyfriend.

Your attraction factor will shoot through the roof.

Picture this…

You walk up to a beautiful, sexy woman and attempt to talk to her. Her “guy friend” steps up and acts all defensive and manly.

“Hey man, don’t talk to my girl!”

What do you do? Here’s one…

Just ease off the tension by saying something like, “Hey man, didn’t know she was with you. Nice to meet you…” then offer him a handshake.

Whether or not he shakes your hand, you just say something like, “Enjoy the night!” and walk away.

The girl’s going to be so hot for you (she won’t show it though if her boyfriend’s around), and if she’s with some girl friends, they will be turned on too.

You just established yourself as one badass mofo with ten-ton balls of steel.

Now, these are just 10 tips that are going to skyrocket your chances of approaching a woman and establishing a connection that might lead to some romance and a lot more sex.

The thing is this is just a surface treatment of how much you can know about approach and attraction….

And I find men settle too quickly on a mediocre woman because they are hamstrung by their fear of what to say and how to talk to a woman.

So I want to encourage you to do yourself a HUGE FAVOR and learn more advanced techniques.

David DeAngelo, my friend and an internationally-known dating expert, has a whole program loaded with these Advanced Dating Techniques.

If you want to bring your A-game when you’re approaching a woman, check out his video right here.

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