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5 Easy Veggies That Burn Unwanted Belly Fat

5 Easy Veggies That Burn Unwanted Belly Fat

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine… or the slowest form of poison.” – Ann Wigmore…

Feed your body the right foods to keep you in the best shape of your life.

Have you planned out your meal for the week?

I hope you’ve incorporated these 5 easy veggies into those meals. Because according to John Barban, these help you lose unwanted belly fat.

And of course, if you’re already in great shape, it will KEEP you that way for sure.

John is a best-selling international author, nutrition and fitness expert. So if he says something, I listen. And you should too.

Now, let me get back to meal planning and why I believe you should do it (if you’re not doing it already.)

#1 – It helps you make healthier choices.

If you’re on the “planning” part, it’s easy to jot down healthy meal options.

As long as you have the proper guidelines to planning a healthy set of meals, and since you’re not pressured about cooking it the next minute, your mind can get more creative.

You can add variety to your meals and make healthier choices.

#2 – You save time and money (and remove stress from your life.)

If you’ve already prepared your meals for the entire week, this relieves so much stress of having to cook meals every single day.

That means you have A LOT more free time on your hands that you can spend on something you really enjoy… like reading a book, spending quality time with family and friends, or just sipping red wine while soaking yourself in a warm bath.

#3 – This ENSURES you’re eating healthy.

Healthy meal planning is easy. However, following through and actually getting through it is not.

That’s why as soon as you’ve set up a plan for the week, make sure you put in the time to actually get the ingredients from the grocery store (or local farmer’s’ market) and prepare the meals.

Then stick to the plan!

This is the hard part. But the rewards are fantastic.

It’s unbelievable how much time this frees up from your week, and how less stressful life is actually going to be just by putting in a little bit of planning on just one single day.

Just make sure you know the right healthy foods to pick so you don’t sacrifice the taste and satisfaction of eating a delicious meal.

Speaking of which foods to pick, make sure you include these 5 easy veggies into your meal plan.

These aren’t the hard-to-find exotic foods.You can find these at literally any grocery store.

What’s important about them is that these veggies improve a woman’s sensitivity to her natural fat-burning hormones and its signal to tell your body to burn unwanted, excess fat.

No need for pills, cardboard-box-tasting diet foods and potions.

Eat REAL food.

John Barban is a best selling international author of multiple diet and fitness programs. He has a masters degree from the University of Guelph in Human Biology and Nutrition and went on to do further graduate studies at the University of Florida where he taught in the department of Health and Human performance. He also has extensive experience working in the health and sports supplement industry in R&D as well as a regulatory consultant. He has spent the past 10 years researching and developing nutrition and exercise programs focused on weight loss and maintaining weight loss.

I trust what he says when it comes to health, nutrition and fat loss.

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