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How To Change Your Negative Mindset

How To Change Your Negative Mindset

Changing “mindset TRAPS” holding you back.

Life doesn’t have to get easier…

The New Jersey Mafia has a reputation for putting their enemy’s feet in buckets of cement, letting it harden and then throwing their victim into deep water to drown…

Hence the term, “cement boots” means you are dead in the water… literally.

Sometimes in life you can feel dead in the water…

Here’s the bad news about having a negative mindset: it’s set – like in cement.


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Negative mindsets ruin your life and prevent you from changing, growing, and achieving the things that are MOST important to you.

Here’s the good news: your mindset can be changed.

Your mindset is a specific, ingrained way of believing and seeing the future. It’s an unconscious belief that you hold onto consistently over a long period of time.

Like: Menopause means hot sex is over. (NOT true.)

Like: Somebody else is probably getting that raise, girl, house, job… (It doesn’t have to be!)

Like: I’m no good with money. (Also NOT true.)

But your mindset CAN be changed. What would that be worth?

Read this:

Your crazy human brain has evolved to anticipate problems and difficulties.

Your mind is attempting to keep you safe by keeping you FROZEN, fearful of things that would probably never happen.

But you’ll never know because you’re STUCK in metaphorical CEMENT BOOTS. (For instance, switching careers, going for your dream job, writing that book… the list is endless.)

If your mindset says you’re not good enough – or you don’t DESERVE something – you’ll subconsciously sabotage yourself even if you do make progress. (Weight loss anyone?)

If your mindset is that you don’t believe it’s even possible to achieve your goal, you will unconsciously surround yourself with negativity and non-supporters.

That’s a list of mindset TRAPS. And until you understand mindset TOOLS, the traps will win.

But once you have those tools? Everything you want is possible.

These tools are your entry point to the great things in life. They’re easy to use, proven effective, and brought to you by my gorgeous and inspirational friend, JJ Virgin. If you want to make a change, now is the time!

When you meet your challenges with strength and positivity, a whole new world of possibility opens up! Life doesn’t have to get easier because YOU will be stronger…

You will see my picture in this list of mindset hack experts. That’s because I know how to hack relationships to get the very best intimacy and connection. Once you know how to AVOID mindset traps you can have a beautiful house, an amazing partner, incredible friends, gorgeous clothes, you can feel attractive and sexy, you can pretty much do any damn thing you want… and all from such a simple thing: mindset shift. Go check out what JJ is doing. Don’t let OTHER PEOPLE get what you deserve just because you aren’t aware of how to hack your mindset.

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