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How the “He Man” Ravishes Her

How the “He Man” Ravishes Her


There are times when a woman craves sweet, passionate, heart-centered, hands-clutching, eye-to-eye lovemaking… and there are times when she just wants to be serviced by a stallion.

I’m sure you’ve heard of the term “Alpha Male.”

It describes a guy who gets what he wants, whenever he wants, however he wants it.

Allegedly, alphas get all the hot women.

Alphas get all the hot sex.

Alphas get all the attention and praise.

He’s the guy all women want to bang, and all men want to become.

However, while a lot of men (and women) admire alphas, they also secretly hate him inside.

That’s because in their minds, alpha males are overconfident, cocky and generally a bunch of dicks.

However, that’s not entirely true. Here’s why.

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We often mistake jerks for alphas, when in reality, they’re wildly different.

True alphas aren’t dicks.

They may be confident, dominant, aggressive and have leadership qualities.

And especially in the bedroom, being an alpha lover is not about being an insensitive jerk.

An alpha dominates their lover not through force but with channeling a kind of energy so masculine and positively charged that a woman surrender to her pleasure with you.

In short, alpha lovers know how to get a woman to say YES to the hottest bedroom experiences.

YES to blowjobs, YES to new sex positions, dominance, role playing, threesomes, light kinky stuff… anything… because the Alpha lover ultimately creates TRUST.

The alpha lover projects an air of assurance… I’ve got you, baby. Go ahead and let yourself go.. Come for me, baby..

And that’s what my sexy colleague Gabrielle Moore’s new video is all about.

She’s the same gal who brought you Naked-U, where women strip their clothes off to teach you how to have sex.

Now she’s teaching you how you can be a complete Alpha in bed.

So your woman… ANY woman will say YES to all your sexual desires.

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