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How To Beat Conflict And Promote Warmth And Passion In Your Relationship

How To Beat Conflict And Promote Warmth And Passion In Your Relationship

“Women’s biggest complaint about men is that they pull away. And men’s biggest complaint about women is that they get stark raving mad when they do.” Discover how to handle times of disconnection with your partner so you’ll get (and keep) the love you seek from him.

You have to admit that relationships, no matter how passionate and amazing, aren’t always sunshine and rainbows.

Conflicts WILL happen.

That’s because you and your partner are two different people, with two different opinions (sometimes WORLDS apart), and when you clash… things go way wrong.

However, it doesn’t mean all relationships are bound to fail.

Those who discover how to bridge the gap between the dichotomy of two lovers are those who end up with a lifetime of overflowing warmth, intimacy and love.

If you want to discover how to handle moments of possible conflict with the grace and ease that saves (and strengthens) relationships, you might want to sign up to join this no-cost online seminar with Carol Allen.


Here’s what you’ll learn during this online seminar:

  • Why we lose our $hit when men shut down (it’s not your fault; it’s a brain thing!)
  • How to channel strength during times of disconnection and conflict (so you can sleep great and think straight…)
  • The MOST important remedy for “disconnection” that will enable you to instantly feel BETTER (and pull him back…)
  • The main reason why men need “space” – and the main mistake women make that contributes to their need
  • How to honor your feelings without making him feel wrong for his (and without being a doormat so he’ll respect you; but more importantly, so you’ll respect yourself)
  • Spiritual, emotional, physical, and METAPHYSICAL remedies to help you through the “gap”

Plus, when you register for this no-cost event, you’ll receive her brand-new “don’t overreact to a man who’s being distant – or he just might become a distant memory” guide… a “how to calm your nerves and support yourself” manual that includes:

  1. A breathing technique that makes it physically impossible to feel anxious (and stops anxiety attacks in their tracks)
  2. A breathing technique that creates deep sleep, almost instantly (even if you’ve had insomnia for a while)
  3. An ancient Indian Tea that calms the nervous system (you can now order on Amazon!)
  4. Natural ways to raise your serotonin without using drugs, and effortlessly boost your mood without having to “try”

Don’t let a TEMPORARY disconnection with a man lead to a PERMANENT one.

No matter how BIG and DEEP the divide between you is now, you could be laughing about this thirty years from now… utterly happy and connected with a lifetime of great memories behind you, and more to come…

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