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How To Build Sexual Stamina And Endurance

How To Build Sexual Stamina And Endurance

The majority of men can only talk a good game but can never really last longer than 3 minutes. However, there are a handful of men who have honed their sexual endurance.

Imagine that you had your way with me, your woman (any woman you want) for an entire night. How long would your lovemaking last?

For some men, when they’re in bed with a beautiful, gorgeous, hot woman, it won’t take long for them to explode.

If you’re not confident enough to brag about your answer in front of millions of people, chances are there’s room for improvement. Lots of it.

But don’t worry. You’re not alone.

The majority of men can only talk a good game but can never really last longer than 3 minutes. In fact, 3 minutes is probably even a stretch (pun intended) for most men.

However, there are a handful of men who can last longer. Much longer. Some can even last for hours of continuous lovemaking.

Who are these men?

sexual endurance


I know I’ve been going on and on about how porn teaches men the wrong way to have sex, but there’s one thing the porn industry has done right.

Their male actors have MONSTROUS sexual endurance.

Think about it.

A sex scene doesn’t go as smoothly as they show on the final cut. Mistakes happen all the time. And when they do, they stop recording until everything’s ready.

What kind of mistakes?

TONS. Like when the woman’s hair covers her face, they need to fix it. Or when the actor can’t seem to pop it in the right hole. And when the sheets get too messy, they fix that too.

My point is that male actors need sexual ENDURANCE. They should also be able to stop at a moment’s notice, keep their hard-on going, and get back to it when the cameras start rolling again.

So male porn stars are “good examples” of lasting longer during sex.

What do porn stars do to have monstrous stamina and unbreakable hard-ons?

They exercise. 

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Male porn stars need to not only look good, but they also need to be able to perform.

Their profession is highly demanding of their ability to keep their manhoods strong and fully-loaded.

Not only do they go to the gym and do a lot of resistance training, but they also do cardio to improve their circulation.

Resistance training promotes the release of testosterone in the body. It gives you sexy abs, arms, pecs, and back muscles, as well as gives you more of your much-needed man juice.

And circulation is everything when it comes to erections.

Yet, there’s ONE kind of exercise that’s a MUST for male porn stars.

And that’s what Aaron Wilcoxxx is revealing in this video (you can also read about it here).

Aaron is a male porn star who’s been in over 200 adult films.

With a rough estimate, that’s probably at least 2,000 combined hours of erections.

And he’s not physically “gifted” in any way. He’s just a regular guy who just knows HOW to have the monstrous stamina the porn industry demands from him.

So whatever he’s saying about his best practices, men should listen.

If you want to know how porn stars like Aaron keep their manhoods pulsating with energy for as long as they need, and as long as they want…

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