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How To Train Him To Be An Incredible Lover

How To Train Him To Be An Incredible Lover

Without making him feel like he’s being told what to do.

This is written for women but GUYS can use this EXACT skill to get her to tell you how to give her incredible pleasure in bed. Definitely READ THIS.

“The Ninja Way to Train Your Husband or Boyfriend In Bed”

Guys LOVE to be told what to do.

Ha-ha! Don’t we wish?

The truth is: men really want to give a woman what she wants but, for the most part, they scramble around in the dark. Why? It’s not for lack of trying, it’s just that women are mysterious creatures to men.

Because we women are hormonally cyclical, our desires differ from day-to-day.

You might want gentle caresses one day and a rockin’ romp in the hay the next. You want him to slow down one moment, go faster and harder the next. No wonder men get confused.

The situation is made ever more complex because his desire to be your best lover ever means he really needs you to give him feedback, which runs counter to his need to be “da man” who knows his way around a woman’s body. But he isn’t your best and he doesn’t know his way around your body. So how do you resolve this paradox?

You need to implement a SUPER SIMPLE workaround that thousands of women have used to train a guy to be crazy-good in bed without making him feel like he’s being told what to do.


And the best part of using this communication training skill is: It’s a win-win. He gets to feel like a rockstar lover and you get a MAJOR benefit because, let’s be honest: no woman wants to be a drill sergeant in bed.

Far better to make him think it’s HIS idea and let him be the one who’s in charge.

If you want epic love, epic intimacy, and epic orgasms, then I really want you to hear this: All it takes to get your relationship on an upward pleasure spiral is a simple love hack: free-flowing communication that gives him the feedback he needs to gain the confidence he lacks so he knows without a doubt he can always please you and give you exactly what you want.

Sounds impossible, I know. But what I’m about to share with you is a little known secret that is one of two keys to what I call the sexual soulmate pact.

You can get all six of my essentials for connected sex in my new book, Sexual Soulmates. It’s free for now but I am going to be selling it on Amazon later this year. So grab your copy now with my compliments.


This is a very specific type of communication that you can use whether you’re single and looking, or already married and wondering how to get back the sizzle that once had you tearing each other’s clothes off the minute you got behind closed doors.


The simple love hack is a foundational communication tool I call feedback loops. To illustrate how it works, I will to tell you about Lauren, a 34-year old single woman who wants to get married and have a baby.

There is one thing Lauren is absolutely sure about: she does not want to end up like her best friend, resigned to a platonic relationship with her husband. She’s seen too many women settle into marriages that are not in the least bit sexually fulfilling, and she is 100% committed to making sure she and her man… whoever he is… don’t become one of “those couples.”

You see, Lauren’s sexuality has always been very important to her. She’s had a lot of lovers over the last 15 years. She has observed that guys tend to think they’re better lovers than they actually are, and that even guys who’ve developed a repertoire of sexual skills “work at it” in an attempt to give her an orgasm.

When you use feedback loops the work goes away and the pleasure increases.

When I taught Lauren about feedback loops, she was visibly relieved and filled with hope that her dream of having not just a soulmate but a sexual soulmate could actually come true.

She has become a huge fan of feedback loops and now, before she gets sexual with a new lover, she takes the time to install feedback loops. It is the thing that ensures she will feel really connected to a man during lovemaking.

Here’s how it goes.

Before you have sex… not during and definitely not after… say: “I would really really love to be so comfortable in my body that I can completely surrender to you and totally let go when we make love.”

Say these exact words and you will have any man’s full and undivided attention. If his attention remains elsewhere, hold off. He’s not emotionally mature enough to benefit from feedback loops.

Back to our “script.” And yes, I do mean script, and I want you to actually memorize the sentence above and these two short sentences: “This is the secret to my best turn-on ever. Are you willing to do it?”

Use these exact words! Nearly a decade of experimentation has gone into finding the exact right words to turn the key in his lock, so take advantage of the time I have put into perfecting this with the help of my tribe of super-sexy turned-on women.

Once again, here’s your line: “This is the secret to my best turn-on ever. Are you willing to do it?”

Men always say yes to this question. But as a woman, you know the score: it’s not what men say, it’s what they do that matters. So pay close attention to how well he actually follows through on this one. It’s a sort of “litmus test” that I teach you how to read in my book, Sexual Soulmates.

Once you have his yes, tell him you want to be able to report from your animal.

Because men are more steady state, the stimulation they need sexually is more fixed. Women’s needs for certain kinds of stimulation in each moment is more changeable. It’s just nature. We are animals. And as women we are hormonally cyclical animals.

So all you are going to do is just let him know what your animal body is responding best to in the moment.

Once he understands that your responses have nothing to do with his “skill” and that you are BOTH at the mercy of your animal body, you can team up to give your body what she wants in the moment.

You get on his team. You’re in it together to pleasure your animal in the way she wants in each moment.

Some days you need very light strokes to your clit or your breasts are begging to be massaged…other days you want to get spanked while he’s making you go down on him…and the next moment you need him to hold you in his arms after getting you a drink of water. It’s ALL good! 🙂

When you look at communicating this way — for example, you are kitty cat AND a lion — and you two are just petting the kitty or wrestling the lion the way that feels best to her — then you are aligned in pleasure.

At this point you can use your own words as long as you capture the gist. Use words to the effect of:

“We women… we’re just animals. We’re very changeable and I know that can be crazy-making for a guy.”

“I’m different every day. What I want is different every day… every moment.”

“Heck, I don’t even know what the animal of my body is going to want today until our lovemaking starts, so how can I expect you to know?”

“What I want from day to day is as much a surprise to me as it is to you.”

“I’m the kind of woman who’s really in touch with her body, and I just want to go where we go with no expectation.”

“I need to feel free to say: that’s too hard or too soft… or, do this to me now… or, my leg is asleep… or, honey, can you go shave, your beard is scratching my coochie.”

“I want to be free to give you a lot of feedback.”

This last one is key so you best memorize and say it word-for-word.

If he says yes, tell me. Then you are onto a great guy who’s ego is sidelined to prioritize sensual pleasure.


If you want great sex, you need to be able to tell a man what you want without making him: 1) feel like a dunderhead who doesn’t know his way around a woman’s body or, 2) start thinking you’re high maintenance.

The amazing thing about this approach is that once the free-flow of communication is happening, he’ll realize that the clues you give him help him learn his way around your body more quickly.

All this feedback actually makes you an incredibly low maintenance woman in the sack!

Never again will he have to fumble around trying to make you happy because he knows he can count on you to tell him what you want in a way that enhances rather than undermines his manhood.

All you need to do is TUNE IN to what’s going on for you and speak it out.

You’ll find that over time, because of the trust that’s built from him loving your feedback and winning from knowing the information about what feels good to you, your sex will get hotter and hotter…and you’ll have the upside benefit of your fantasies and desires bubbling up and gaining voice.

When it’s safe to ask for what you want, you get even more in touch with what will turn you on.

You can ask for him to adjust positions… or stop making love to you and go down on you for a few minutes before returning to intercourse…or even rub your feet before sex so you can relax fully and get into your body.

Your body knows.

And when you listen and share…

And your guys takes it in and adjusts…

All hell breaks loose in sexual passion.



The second key to the sexual soulmate pact is a specific agreement that lubricates the feedback loop and makes telling him what you want in bed totally non-threatening and evermore juicy. I call it the Thank You Agreement.

This simple key is the best kind of sex-magic there is.

It will turn him into your hottest lover ever—by order of magnitude!

It’s inside the book which I am giving you free. So go get it now.

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