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3 Reasons Why Younger Women Desire Older Guys

3 Reasons Why Younger Women Desire Older Guys

Have you ever caught yourself looking at a beautiful, gorgeous young woman and asked…

“Why the heck would such a wonderful, young, vibrant woman ever want to date me?”

Well, she and many other young women are probably thinking…

“He has more to offer than guys my age.”

Here’s something that’s going to open your eyes to a truth that will change your world as you know it.


Women, especially younger, feistier women, actually WANT to date, have sex with, marry, and even spend the rest of their lives with a man they look up to.

Over 55% of women prefer to date older, more mature men because of a number of reasons.

#1 – Us women, in general, want to be pampered and taken care of by our men. The same goes for even the most independent of us.

We want to be treated like queens or goddesses… worshipped head to toe.

No offense to the younger guys, but nobody knows how to treat a woman right than a mature man with experience.

And there’s no denying that.

This also leads to the second reason that I want to point out, which is…

#2 – Mature men are usually more likely to be financially stable compared to younger guys.

Unlike younger men who have abs, but have empty wallets… mature men have usually accumulated a decent amount of wealth.

This is also connected to the #3 reason which is…

#3 – Again, nothing against the younger, hotter, yummier guys… but older men often possess more substance.

And substance is a MAJOR TURN-ON for us.

Mature men have more experience.

They know how the world works.

They have a pretty good idea of what women really like.

The ONLY thing that’s keeping a lot of mature men from dating younger women is that a lot of mature men worry about coming off as the “creepy old guy” when they express their attraction for younger women.

That’s why my friend, Adam Gilad, is teaching older men how to avoid the mistakes that makes society paint the as “creepy.”

Adam himself is a middle-aged guy with thinning hair…

Yet he’s dating women 15 to 25 years younger than himself (and making sweet, sweet love to these girls too), and they’re all loving it!

If you’re a mature man who wants to meet, have blossoming relationships with, and even have hot, juicy sex with younger women…

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  1. This is amazingly so true , with the generations today , and their upbringing with domestication they’ve been offered . Being a baby boomer , it does seem
    Wierd to some people , and us boomers have giving this some thought ; but in the same token , I’d like to be happy as well . It makes me feel good that I can help you feel good about yourself , so then both sides are happy ; and it does help with the older gentlemen to stroke his own ego , in reflecting his age approaching

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