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3,000-Year-Old Ancient ED Remedy For Inflammation

3,000-Year-Old Ancient ED Remedy For Inflammation

Did you know your “manhood” is connected to your mouth?

You know, inside our bodies, we’re just one gigantic tube from the top to bottom. Everything is connected. It’s called your lumen. I like to think that is because we are light beings.

The reason why I’m bringing this up is because I learned something fascinating today.

It’s about how a “silent type” of oral inflammation has been linked to bedroom issues.

If you or someone you know has had experience with erectile dysfunction of any kind (difficulty getting hard and staying hard, premature ejaculation, etc.), you might want to take a look at this video by Mr. Spencer Fields, a former ED victim.


I say “former” victim, because he found an ancient Ayurvedic medical treatment for his erectile dysfunction. And it worked for him.

Ayurveda is a traditional, centuries-old Indian system of medicine.

What’s fascinating is that the medical treatment he discovered isn’t directly FOR erectile dysfunction, but for oral inflammation.

According to the resource above, 91% of men with gum disease also have problems with their sexual performance.

“Silent Inflammation” from a person’s mouth also causes inflammation in other parts of the body.

Our blood vessels are interconnected, after all.

And when a man has circulation problems, it affects how much blood enters the penis. Less blood flow into your man-cannon means you’ll have difficulty getting rock-hard erections.

It’s all about circulation. Optimal blood flow is key to unbreakable erections.

Check out the video that explains everything right here.

Mr. Spencer Fields explains in detail how he used simple ingredients based on the information he discovered in the Journal of Ayurveda Integrated Medicine to remedy his “silent oral inflammation” and, as a result, freed up his entire body from inflammation… giving him rock-hard erections and longer staying-power.

Here’s his video again ===>

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  1. Very good insight into the problem.

    • I agree with the diagnosis of the ED problem. I will like to know the drugs that will allow maximum blood circulation to all the parts of the human body.

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