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Best Place To Meet Hot Women

I’ve got a NEW favorite place to meet guys.

And surprisingly, it’s an even better place for guys to meet fine, amazing women.

And it’s someplace you probably wouldn’t expect to be on a list of good hookup places, however, when you get think about it, it makes perfect sense.

In fact, it’s where YOU should go right now if you’re looking to meet smart, industrious, beautiful women.

And at first, I didn’t even know that it was such a great place to hookup with someone until I met this guy named Brent Smith.


Brent Smith is a fascinating gentlemen.

We met at a charity event a few blocks from my place (my NEW favorite hookup spot).

For one, he teaches affluent guys how to attract super-hot women like a magnet — without even trying.

And according to Brent, charities are ONE of the best places to meet smart, sexy, industrious women. He shares a lot more genius ideas in his book here.

Women don’t expect to be “picked up” by a guy in these places, that’s why they’re friendlier and more open to conversation.

And PLUS, when you meet a woman in these places, she’ll automatically think of you as a great, generous, confident guy who just gives to give (and not give to receive sex.)

Now, you might be asking, “Sloane, affluent means super rich, right? Do super rich guys really need help meeting hot women? Won’t women just gravitate to them on their own?”

Well, babe, the answer is “NO.”

You need to understand, money is just ONE attraction factor. And it’s not even one of the most important.

In fact, it’s probably the least important.

Because in the social circles where Brent hangs out, money is the ultimate “equalizer.”

Imagine being in a room where EVERYONE is super rich. What good will money do for you then?


And according to Brent, these super rich guys get pretty weird and insecure, especially when they’re around super hot women who won’t give them the time of day.

That’s why they pay him thousands of dollars to help them meet hot women and get laid.

Truth is, these super rich guys have the same problem as almost every other guy. They don’t know how to attract hot women.

In their world, it’s all about the 9s and perfect 10s.

And the 9s and 10s don’t really care for the money, cars and “bling.” That’s because the 9s and 10s can AFFORD to buy those things on their own.

Think high-class businesswomen, supermodels, actresses, famous DJ girls, and celebrities.

What they look for in a guy is something else. Something that EVERY guy has, but has no idea that women go crazy for it.

My first question that popped into my mind about super rich guys who can’t get laid was…

“Why don’t they just hire a call girl or a prostitute?”

According to Brent, some do. But that kind of guy wasn’t his clientele.

He helps super rich guys who want to meet high-class women so they can have some real hot, real sex. They don’t want to pay for fake sex.

And they don’t want sex with clingy, boozed-up gold-digger chicks either.

What’s even more interesting is that Brent says the same things he teaches to his clients is the same things regular guys need to do to effortlessly attract hotter women (the 9s and perfect 10s) into their life.

Because ultimately it’s not about the money.

It’s about who YOU are, and HOW you show up to a woman.

Just like what we teach here in Personal Life Media.

If you’d like to discover how to meet hotter women tonight — you know, the 9s and perfect 10s (and not the clingy, golddigger chicks…)

Check out Brent Smith’s unique spin on meeting hotter women without any effort.

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  1. I am a bit skeptical on such claims. But I want to try it as I am tired of being a loser. I am also afraid of rejection.

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