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Erection-Killing And Erection-Saving Hormones

Erection-Killing And Erection-Saving Hormones

Did you know that hormones play a major role in how hard your manhood gets during sex?

The more testosterone you have, the harder your penis gets, and the longer you can last.

However, there’s another hormone in the mix that most men don’t know they have, and is directly fighting against the erection-fuel testosterone in their bodies.

Sex coach Adam Armstrong and his partner Elwin Robinson are talking about these erection-killing and erection-saving hormones in this video.


What’s worse, is that this anti-testosterone hormone is found in almost all of the processed foods sold on most grocery stores.

Even worse, this erection-killing hormone can even be found in some natural, healthy, non-processed foods and veggies.

If you didn’t know this information, you wouldn’t know you’re munching on the foods that are destroying your hard-ons.

And as a side effect, they’re ruining your sex life.

Remember, erection issues aren’t only for older men. Even younger men experience them at some point in their lives.

If you want to ensure you’re not having erection-killing buffets, watch Adam and Elwin’s video.

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