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How “Stressing About Money” Is Stopping You From Acquiring More Of It

How “Stressing About Money” Is Stopping You From Acquiring More Of It

If you feel like you’re struggling financially, and you’re wondering if your pockets (purses, wallets, bags and bank accounts) have holes…

Because no matter how hard you try money just won’t come into your life…

You might need to take a step back and look at the BIG picture.

Something is definitely BLOCKING wealth, prosperity and happiness from effortlessly flowing in…

Post this picture someplace you will see it every day:


I’m sure you’ve heard some of these quotes and sayings before…

“Money is NOT the most important thing…love is.”

“Money CAN’T buy happiness…”

“It’s not how much money you MAKE, but how much money you KEEP, how hard it works FOR you, and how many generations you KEEP it for.”

“Don’t educate your children to be RICH. Educate them to be HAPPY, so they know the value of things, not the price.”

“The real measure of your wealth is how much you’d be worth if you lost all your money.”

“Without a rich heart, wealth is an ugly beggar.”

“More money, more problems.”

I’m not saying that these motivational quotes and sayings are false. In fact, I think to some extent, they’re all true.

However, the mere thought of having to compare money on one hand, and a certain moral value on the other is for me, fruitless.

From my personal experience and opinion, money isn’t on the same playing field as love, friendship, loyalty, happiness and success.

Money is something that we have to acquire not just so we can live the life we want, but also to be able to survive and give our loved ones the life they deserve… the life we all deserve.

It is an enabler. It is a tool. Simple as that.

It enables us to quench our desires. It also enables us to enrich other people’s lives.

Think of it like this…

How can you help other people if you can’t even help yourself, right?

We shouldn’t even need to think about comparing money with love, or with true happiness, or with success.

You don’t have to be the wealthy yet “morally depraved person” people are so afraid of becoming.

Because the truth is, you can have wealth… AND love, AND values, AND morals, AND happiness, AND success, AND everything else people usually compare it against.

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You can also take her online prosperity quiz to find out how “stressing about money” is stopping you from acquiring more of it.

She also has a downloadable eBook on “The 3 Toxic Myths That Are Blocking Your Financial Freedom.”



  1. Wonderful commentary Susan. The money thing is enigmatic to many people because they fail to come to the realisation that it is a form of energy. Love is also a form of energy, but of a different ‘densification’ or level while each of the two has it’s own unique functionality in the scheme of things, our matrix of existence. Splendid quotes and direction to Lynn’s e-book.

  2. Money is a tool, just like a shovel or a dinner fork. They each allow you to do certain things by their design. However money does allow you to fill in gaps were other tools cannot work.

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