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How To Let Her Know You Want To Have Sex Without Scaring Her Off

How To Let Her Know You Want To Have Sex Without Scaring Her Off

“She went all summer without sex because she didn’t clearly communicate her interest in a guy.”

The signals a lot of guys send to show they are interested in a woman hardly ever work.

There is so much unmet desire floating in the air, it just kills me.

Lots more men would get more great sex and incredible life experiences if they just knew how to send clear signals.

On the other hand, women are constantly sending out signals that. guys. are. not. picking. Up

Here’s a video of me talking about how Macy had to go the whole summer without some lovin’ because she didn’t send the right signals.

Macy’s case is uncommon. The thing is, most women automatically send “horny” signals without them knowing it.

It has to do with our hormones at a certain time of the month when our entire body just craves some good sex from a good lover.

And if YOU know how to spot these signals, you can easily score yourself some fine woman without ever having to do some wining, dining and romancing.


Craig Miller’s video is a little “dirty” but in reality, what he teaches is SOLID advice so you don’t miss out on opportunities that are probably flying past you right now.

Imagine just doing your business one day, at work, at the mall, at a restaurant, or maybe on your way home…

Then you spot a cute girl you like.

You’re not sure if you should go up to her, but you’re sure of one thing.

You can see she’s sending out “horny” signals. And it’s blatantly obvious to you because you know how to decode these sex signals.

So what happens?

You walk up to her, say a few subtle seduction words, and you go home with her all ready to strip and ride you all night.

However, that story will have a sadder ending if you didn’t know how to decode her sex signals.

So to make sure that would never happen to you…

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