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How To Increase Your Sexual Stamina At Home

How To Increase Your Sexual Stamina At Home


Each time I post about Adam Armstrong’s Rock Hard Formula for erectile function, sexual performance and greater semen volume (bigger loads) guys write to me:

“I hate this! It didn’t work.”

“I love this! It works great.”

It doesn’t work for everyone. If you are in poor health and you’re struggling with ED, there’s a lower chance this will suddenly give you raging boners.

But if you feel like this guy who writes:

“I do not have any health issues whatsoever and am not depressed or have any emotional issues, I just feel that at times my erection goes a bit soft and I want to make it nice and hard again like before. Also is there any way I can increase the volume of my ejaculate. I loved cumming like a fountain and want to increase the volume of my cum –I would so love that.”

Or this guy:

“I like to f*ck hard and hard. I like my penis to be very erect. Because if I miss the life of the sex, that means no good life for me.”

Then you are probably a great candidate for Rock Hard Formula.


Rock Hard includes all the best ingredients that satisfy the majority of men’s sexual performance, hardness and semen load. It comes pre-mixed and you only have to mix it with hot water. It’s so convenient!

But convenience comes at a price.

You can choose to go DIY and buy each ingredient on your own. The list of ingredients are on their website.

By gathering the ingredients yourself and mixing them, you can shop around for the lowest cost of each item, or just try a few and see if it’s enough to give you a respectable raging boner.

Again, neither of these strategies will work for every guy.

If you have bad circulation…

If you have diabetes…

If you have Peyronies…

If you have emotional issues preventing you from achieving an erection…

Then either choice is a long shot.

But a man’s gotta TRY.


How will you know unless you try?

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Supplements are one of the ways that you can improve your erectile function. Combine the Man Tea or your own smoothies with the Huge Load ingredients once a day… but don’t forget to get your heart pumping with exercise. Your penis needs good circulation to get and stay hard.

Don’t smoke. Eat organic vegetables and quality fats like avocados, nuts, seeds, hemp and coconut oil daily. Not french fries and gravy… Your penis hates low-quality food. It needs you to take care of it!

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