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Month 17 – Provoke Orgasm Easily

Expert Insights by Dr. Patti Britton: Authority in Sexology

Dr. Patti Britton is a clinical sexologist with many years of experience as a sex coach to singles and couples. She is also the co-founder of Sex Coach U. In this module, we talk about:

  • How To Lead Your Woman To More Pleasure
  • Why Men Should Be Sexual Leaders
  • What Causes Boredom In The Bedroom For A Women
  • The Biggest Mistake A Man Can Make With His Sexual Partner
  • Why Some Women Aren’t As Excited With Sex As Men Are
  • And How To Break The Chain
  • How To Make Your Wife Give You REAL Sex And Not Just Mercy Sex
  • How To Use The Three Little Licks Technique
  • How To Be Authentically Present With Your Wife
  • One-Hour Lovemaking Dates And More.
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