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How To Seduce Her Without Saying A Word

Let’s talk seduction.

I’ve always taught that there are 4 keys to seduction. Erotic Vigilance, Small Offers, Vulnerability, and Sexual Vision.

However, there’s a good amount of work and communication put in these 4 keys. When done with diligence, your sex life and relationships are greatly rewarded.

Now I’m hearing about another type of seduction that goes against all that.

No talking.

Not a lot of work.

You just “touch” a woman a certain way and they’ll immediately start noticing their feelings and desire for you.


Craig Miller has a video up showing how if you just touch a woman in the right places and in the right order…

If you know how to subtly touch her, at different spots, at different times, while holding strong eye contact, she will melt for you.

You can take control of her emotions and desires.

And use them to get her wildly attracted and devoted to you.

You can use this Silent Seduction method to meet any cute girl, get her number, or even take her back to your place for some nasty time.

Craig’s friend, Magic, came up with this method.

Magic used to be a “male escort.” He used to sleep with different women every time he went out.

From all the experience he’s had sleeping with these women, he discovered a “silent” way of seducing someone with just the use of touch.

I know it sounds crazy. However, Craig’s been known to have some powerful, effective material.

And if he’s promoting this guy Magic, then there is no doubt this is legit.

This is obviously some powerful stuff. Especially if you don’t need to do any talking.

A way to seduce a woman by just touching her is wild. Make sure you use it for good. And if you do, you can have any woman you desire.

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<=== Just Touch Her In The Right Place, In The Right Order, And She’ll Be Falling For You FAST

2 Responses

  1. Hi there,

    I would like to descover how to use silent seducing talk or words and touch on girls . I haven’t been dating for a while now I like few woman but I would like to know how to silent seducing them .

    can you direct me to find this secret to make my dreams come through.


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