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Powerful Psychological Sex Trick For Intense Orgasms On Command

Here’s how you can make a woman have a full-body orgasm without even laying a finger on her. Read on to learn about techniques to make her orgasm…

This is an excellent verbal orgasm skill for couples who live apart and have physical issues that prevent them from touch-based orgasms and for those who love the idea of hypnotic or trance orgasms.

MY friend Lloyd Lester, world-renowned sex expert and author of books like Erection on Command, Ejaculation on Command, and Ignite Her Orgasm, has discovered a neat psychological trick you can use on ANY woman to trigger her body into orgasmic bliss.

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What would you do if you had that ability?

It sounds like a superpower, but it’s not. It’s introductory human psychology.

What makes it more astounding is that we do this sort of thing every day. We aren’t aware of it as we’re doing it.

techniques to make her orgasm

Every time we “feel” and “remember” something, we’re already practicing the psychological trick that Lloyd has so masterfully integrated into sexual pleasure.

Now you can easily make your girlfriend, wife, or any other woman you want to orgasm by command, and she won’t know why.

Wouldn’t it be fun?

techniques to make her orgasm

As an expert in female ejaculation, I can tell you Lloyd’s info is legit. It’s not magic or a hack. It’s a psychological technique with roots in hypnotherapy. Trained experts use these techniques to “cure” their patients of their problems with phobias, negative thoughts, and addiction. Yet, Lloyd was able to discover how to use this for sex. It’s pretty fascinating.

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⇐ Learn Techniques To Make Her Orgasm Without Laying A Finger On Her

3 Responses

  1. I wish that I had that kind of power but I know it can’t be true.
    I did watch a movie a long time ago ,this man had the power just by thinking and could give his wife a orgasm any time.

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