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Female Anatomy: Knowing Your Genitals

Female Anatomy: Knowing Your Genitals

“I’m self-conscious that men don’t find it attractive.”

Here is a letter from Mimi about how she’s embarrassed by the color of her labia. If you are a woman who isn’t completely in love with your own genitals, please read this email. If you’re a lover whose woman does not fully embrace the beauty of her genitals, please read this email.
Plus I have a treat in this email for you, so please keep reading.

“Dear Susan,
The inner lips of my labia have always been a darker brown color on the outer edges. I’ve always been self conscious that men don’t find it attractive.

In porn and the media vaginas are portrayed as all pink and even photo-retouched to make them look “ etter.” I think this has given men a false idea of what a normal or sexy vagina should look like.

I let my husband look at my lady parts, but do not feel very confident in the way it looks.

It’s hard for me to feel sexy because of it.

He made a comment one time recently about the color and I’ve felt more weird ever since.

Where can I go to find a variety of pictures of vaginas to show him so I’m not so self conscious about this? — Mimi”

Female Genitalia: Anatomy & Arousal ⇐ Get your free e-book with pictures here. Note this is explicit. Their are pictures of women’s genitals in this book

“Hi Susan,

Brilliant report! This is my new bible for female anatomy. Sheri Winston’s drawing on page 14 is the best I’ve ever seen! The picture on page 4 is the best “pleasure map” and guide I’ve ever seen as well as it shows everything in color on a REAL woman. (Love those sensitive cheeks and belly.) I now understand the true purpose of foreplay and arousal…engorgement. I guess I never really knew about all the erectile tissue available for stimulation on a woman’s body. I though the clit and g-spot were it and I figured if I had succeeded is getting her nice and wet, she was good to go. Now I know better and foreplay has a whole new purpose for me. I can’t wait to begin exploring. Thanks for this fantastic resource! — Tom”

Dear Mimi,

Thank you so much for telling me about the embarrassment that you feel regarding the color of your labia. I know a lot of women feel like you do. It’s heartbreaking because there is no perfect vagina. Every vagina is perfect.

Your genitals are the seat of your power. Your Yoni is your vitality. If you don’t love your pussy how can you love yourself? Why are you letting media and pornography dictate how you feel about being a beautiful human being?

Get out of mirror and start looking at your genitals. The more that you look at your pleasure palace; the more that you play with all of your lady parts, the more that you become familiar with your anatomy, the more you’ll begin to love just how beautiful it is. Notice it as you stroke and play with yourself — your vagina changes color. Watch yourself go from flaccid to engorged. And witness the miracle that it is.

I just wonder? What if your husband, knowing that you’re sensitive about the way you look, was giving you a compliment? What if he was trying to reassure you? But through your own filter of your own shame, you took it as a criticism?

I’d like you to go back and talk to your husband about what he said and how it landed for you. I’d like you to tell him that you need to be encouraged to open to loving yourself… You want to go on a journey together to appreciate your own beautiful body… Because I can pretty much assure you, he loves your genitals.

Download this book and look at the pictures. You’ll see inside that many of the images of women’s genitals show a tinged color around the edges of the woman’s labia. It is very common that as a woman gets more engorged, or aroused, the edges of her labia get darker.

This is what occurs with my labia. I love it! When I see my labia getting changed darker, I know my body is getting turned on. That my genitals are doing exactly what they’re supposed to do.

Thank you for posting this question. I know that a lot of women struggle with loving their genitals. I hope that your question has helped many many women feel better about the beauty of their vulva.

And to all the men out there who are with women who still are not in love with their genitals. Thank you so much for helping us women appreciate the beauty of ourselves.

Shine on girlfriend!


    • I used to have discussion groups in SF have, and NEVER comfortable of actual looks. I’m cause in the matter.

  1. I’m waiting to get a Girlfriend/A real Woman, Then I’ll have some to comment on.

  2. So what now? I thought you were trying to sell me something but where is it?

    I am glad that you weren’t but would like to know the answer to the question.

  3. Wow! I love labia that expose themselves when the vagina is fully engorged, And the darker it is, the more exciting! It stands out
    more, specially in a white girl. But even otherwise, a beautiful flower petal labia in different shapes and sizes is the most attractive thing for a man … !
    Same with breasts, hard nipples after giving them ample attention,
    are a turn on both for men and women, and increases the intensity of sensations. Does it matter what colour? Enjoy!

    (a Man)

  4. Woman love ? a man play sexual games, love to be touched in private parts, the tung makes them feel beautiful & sexy ,men love the way woman reacts to the touching,makes them get hot when licking her cream , playing with her Neples ceresting her Brest ,

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