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How To Get An Instant Hard On

How To Get An Instant Hard On

When your man-cannon isn’t cooperating just as you’re about to have sex, you don’t have time to waste.

You’ve been waiting for this all day.

She’s laying spread out all across the bed wearing nothing but that string bikini lingerie you bought her.

She loves it.

You love it too.

But you’re about to rip it off her with your teeth…

As you run you fingers through her hair, down her neck, breasts, stomach and finally to that tiny bit of clothing, your heart drops.

You look down.

And “it” is not getting hard.

Quick, what do you do?!

Think about that for a sec.

When you’re both hot and horny, just about to make love, and you’re feeling a bit soft. Are you going to panic? Do you take a pill? Do you freak out and run for the hills?

Instead of all that craziness, there’s an instant hardness fix you can do.

And if you take too long to show her you’re hard as a rock, her turn on and willingness to spread those luscious legs for you goes away each second.

You also need to know what to say and do when this happens.

Do you think you can just say, “Honey, I can’t get hard. Gimme a minute, okay?”

When your man-cannon isn’t cooperating just as you’re about to have sex, you don’t have time to waste. You can only stall for so long.

Or else, you can kiss those spread-out legs goodbye!

You MUST know exactly how to react, what to say, and what to do so she stays hot, steamy, and horny for you. Every second counts.

You need to act FAST.

That’s why I absolutely love Lloyd Lester’s new program.

In it, he talks about an instant hardness fix that wastes no time in getting you stone-cold-hard, all ready to plunge into her so deep you might pierce your mattress in half.

And because it’s new (and because we’re friends and I asked for a favor), you can get it at a discounted price for a limited time only.


Get this instant hardness fix, keep her legs spread wide open, and always be hard and ready to plunge… ANYTIME… ANYWHERE!

Her body is beckoning for you to come.

One critical thing about the ability to get hard in the heat of the moment is how you react. If she senses there’s a problem — the sex is done. When she notices you’re not hard for her, she’s going to assume she doesn’t turn you on. And you know this will turn out bad later on.

How you react, and how fast you react is key.

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  1. Love to know how to do that,

  2. Please advice me more on this one, thanks.

  3. I love reading your articles, but I do get frustrated when a title has topics I’m interested in and then when I read the article there is no information given unless I buy a program. I would be more adapte to buy if there was a little knowledge given to help with my problem or interest.

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