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How To Capture A Man’s Heart Forever

How To Capture A Man’s Heart Forever

Take him from “kinda interested” to “I’m yours!”

What does it take for a man to put 100% of his heart, body and soul into you and ONLY you forever? Surprisingly, not a lot. You just have to flip his “Soulmate Switch.”

Understanding what goes on inside a man’s head might seem complicated, especially when it comes to love and commitment.

Too many things going on.

Too many distractions.

Too many women in the world he’d want to bang.

But if you look at it from a 10,000-foot view, it becomes surprisingly simple.

You see, to a man, there are only three kinds of relationships they can have with women.

“Nothing”, “Kinda interested” and “I’m yours.”

The first one, as you’d expect, means he only sees you as a friend. No awkward and romantic feelings involved whatsoever.

When it comes to love and sex, “kinda interested” and “I’m yours” is where you want to be.

Except these two are wildly different.

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“Kinda interested” is when he likes you a little bit but he’s not sure… or he simply wants to bang your brains out.

“I’m yours” is when he sees you as the love of his life, his future wife and life partner, his soulmate and the person he wants to be with for the rest of his years.

The vast majority of men only see women belonging in the first two categories.

It’s either he wants to bang her or not. That’s it.

And even if you’ve been together as boyfriend and girlfriend for years, you still falls under “kinda interested” at best.

It takes A LOT to get a man to look at a woman and say, “I’m yours!”

However, that doesn’t mean men can’t commit at all.

In fact, men can be extremely committed and devoted when they want to be.

A man who’s obsessed with basketball will spend hours and hours of his life to practice and get better.

A man who’s passionate about video games or comic books will pour days, nights and his entire paycheck on the media he loves to consume.

A man who’s committed and devoted to a woman, someone he sees as “The One” will give her his mind, body, heart and soul to her. He will even put himself in danger, or bear pain and hardship just to be with her.

He’ll shower her with gifts, flowers, candies, food, jewelry, and most importantly… time, attention and loyalty.

He will forget every other woman exists.

He will make her his entire universe.

However, this will ONLY happen if you’re able to flip his Soulmate Switch to the “ON” position.

Until then, men will always just be “kinda interested” with you… and never go full, 100% “I’m yours!”

Discover how to flip his switch right here.

Open his eyes and make him see you as his soulmate…


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  2. What a beautiful baby and mama bliss picture….! 🙂

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