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How To Get Him To Stop Ignoring You

How To Get Him To Stop Ignoring You

Mixed signals. Emotional whiplash. Ghosting!

Probably a man’s cruelest weapon against a woman in love is when he disappears on you.


Have you ever wondered how men can muster up the balls to inflict that kind of emotional whiplash on a woman?

To lead her on, giving her hope that one day they might be holding each other’s warm bodies while watching the sunset. Waking up together, taking several minutes before saying a word, just staring into each other’s eyes…

And after all that teasing, poking, laughing, giggling, touching, and that split-second when it was almost a kiss.

He never really liked you as much as you liked him.

If you want the whole, unfiltered truth. Here it is.


It’s not their fault. Because men don’t know better.

In my years of working with men (single, dating, and married) and their relationships, I can fully say a lot of them are clueless when it comes to women liking them.

However, men have this hidden emotional need. And when satisfied by a woman, regardless of her looks, status, or personality…

He will go out of his way to prove his love and devotion for her.

Thing is, most men and women don’t know this emotional need even exists. Because what people think are important (physical attributes and material wealth), are completely irrelevant and trivial to  a the emotional heart.

Especially the part of a man’s heart that tells him if he likes (or loves) a woman or not.

Get armed with this information so you can exorcise those ghosts!

This works really well even if you’re with a man and you feel that he’s “on his way out.” If he’s showing signs that he’s no longer interested, and that he’s pulling away, you might want to try this wicked technique.

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