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How To Double Your Sexual Energy

How To Double Your Sexual Energy



What would it mean for you if you could double your energy levels?  Not just in the bedroom, but in life?

What could you accomplish if you didn’t get tired, if you felt 22 again? You could go from work to home to going out to coming back and having plenty of energy for great sex.

If you’re too tired for intimacy, pay attention to this important technique from my friend and energy expert, Ari Whitten.

Ari told me 45% of all women reported feeling chronically fatigued due to stress… And I know many men suffer the same issue… too tired for intimacy.

“More energy for sex” is a giant need many people have.

Ari showed me how I could very simply double my energy levels — and go through life with a much better mood and more vitality —just by doing 2 simple things.

He put his advice in a NEW video you can watch.


Ari is a nutritionist, trainer, author and peak performance coach.

I watched him turn around one of my girlfriends from having tons of medical issues to texting me last night that she had a new lover!

In his new video, he talks about why MOST people get their energy fix the wrong way. And how to properly regenerate and recharge without having to depend on artificial energy boosters like pills, energy drinks, and other stimulants.

Don’t worry. He won’t tell you to stop drinking coffee. Coffee has tons of health benefits, but if you drink it the wrong way, the effects of caffeine will only make your mood and energy levels much worse.

Wake up full of energy, with more gusto, and a zest for life you forgot was possible.

Not because of “special” drinks or pills, but by doing the 2 things he talks about in his video.

Susan Bratton, our resident trusted hot sex advisor and Ari Whitten recently did a show on Sexual Energy.  Just know that we ladies here at PLM trust Ari Whitten’s advice.

So go watch is new video:

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