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How To De-stress Your Life

how to build a healthy relationship

“I’m not in the mood tonight. Today was too stressful. Let’s just watch TV, OK?”

STRESS is the number one reason people don’t have more intimacy.

Yet intimacy lowers stress!

But when you’re stressed, you can’t even think about passion. So here is a little work-around that calms and gets you into the mood.

This de-stressing technique is called co-regulation.

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Now, onto the C.A.L.M. Formula.

When you practice “co-regulation,” you tweak your cerebral wiring and calm each other down when one (or both of you) is freaking out.


Co-regulation is a natural part of a secure couple’s daily life—not only in response to distress calls but also in nurturing their connection.

Here’s an example:

Secure couples often touch. Partners may frequently hug at departures and arrivals and check-in throughout the day. Even when they are apart, they feel connected.

My fellow YourTango expert Stan Catkin says, “Relationships are like a three-legged race.”

Lasting happiness is based on both partners staying vertical and moving forward together. The basic rule is: “If you fall, I fall.” You cannot leave one partner on the ground.

Here’s my “CALM Formula” I teach couples so they can quickly co-regulate and keep their love, intimacy, and passion for each other as healthy and unbreakable as ever.

“CALM” stands for:

 C – Create Safe Space

 A – Attune To Each Other

 L – Look In Each Other’s Eyes

 M – Melting Hugs

When one of you realizes the need for the “CALM Formula,” tell the other person immediately.

Then lie down on the bed or couch and get away from the madness of daily life. Take a moment of respite together.

Slow your heartbeats down and breathe deeply together.

Look into each other’s eyes and remember that you love one another. The eyes are said to be the windows to a person’s soul.

And give each other a warm, honest, and genuine connection with melting, long, luxurious hugs.

Something so simple can be influential during the most crushing and uncertain times. It can quickly serve as a starting point that couples can use to stabilize their emotions. 


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Take a stance that treats your relationship as a three-legged race. 

Secure partners know that it is in their own best interest to find mutual solutions—and respond in a caring way when a partner is in distress.

A secure couple has no interest in who is right or will win if there’s a difference in needs. Partners work together to arrive at a solution that works for both. 

As in a three-legged race, if one person feels off-balanced, they need to know how to reach out for help in an open, transparent way as soon as possible.

If a distressed partner needs reassurance, the other can quickly respond with co-regulation or comforting verbal messages.

Secure couples STILL DO get triggered, but they have learned how to accept their triggers and quickly reassure safety or repair.

Use my C.A.L.M. Formula next time you feel too stressed to connect with your love.

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