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How To Triple Your Energy

How To Triple Your Energy


I’m not sure I’d ever wear red thong panties and boxing gloves… but I thought the picture was stunning, so I put it in inside here for you…

Some couples really get off on wrestling with each other as a kind of foreplay. Others love to spin around in many sex positions as possible. And some couples just like to go at it for hours. What do they all have in common? Plenty of ENERGY!

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

But did you know there’s actually more scientific truth to it than just being a motivational quote or pop song fodder?

My healthy, geeky (and delightfully sexy) friend, Ari Whitten, has a new video up where he talks about hormesis.  

Hormesis is the process in which mild or acute stressors increase your body’s’ resistance to other stressors.


In the video, Ari talks about a “healthy” kind of stressor that forces your body to become more resistant to other stressors — making you stronger, healthier, and feeling more vitality.

He also explains how vegetables are actually “noxious.” Because they produce natural pesticides that are supposed to ward off animals and insects, you actually become healthier and stronger from eating them.

I know, pretty cool, right? That’s what I love about Ari, he’s always the guy in the room who talks about the science behind the cool stuff.

There’s no doubt you’ll learn something fascinating  you can actually use in your own life in his videos to generate more energy to do the things you love (like having sex in a few different positions during one lovemaking session).

Most important of all, he talks all about how you can dramatically increase the number of mitochondria (your body’s power plants) and use Hormesis to get staggering levels of energy and vitality.

If you’re constantly feeling tired, sleepy, stressed out…

Or you can’t seem to get your sleep cycles right…

 This is something you are going to want to watch ASAP.

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