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Lick N’ Flick Technique

Lick N’ Flick Technique

She’s hot and dripping wet for you. You can see it in her eyes as she looks at you with a devilish smile. She spreads her legs, beckoning you to come closer. It’s lick n’ flickin’ good…

I teased you about the U-Spot Flick technique last week. Now here it is in all its hot, wet glory.

Knowing the sexual voracity of the typical woman, she’s probably dying for some new, hot moves like this U-Spot Flick from YOU.

Passion incites the raw, animalistic, carnal appetite of a woman.

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Ever heard of the U-spot technique? I bet you haven’t.

You can’t find it anywhere else. It’s not one of those run-of-the-mill sex techniques you can find on the internet or on sexy magazines.

Read on to know more about the U-spot technique and how you can use it to switch up your sex life for life.

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I pretty much guarantee you’ve never done the U-Spot Flick method on someone before, yet it’s incredibly pleasurable.


Here we go.

Locate your lady’s Urethral Opening or “U Spot.”

This is where pee and some of her female ejaculate comes out.

It’s shown clearly in the Optimizing Oral Pleasure Video. It’s just under her clitoris and above the opening to her vagina.

Lick that flat spot in circles.

See what kind of pressure she likes.

Sometimes the U Spot, because it’s the same structure as the G Spot, likes more pressure than motion.

Other women may prefer a very light, soft tongue licking.

Try the underside of your tongue in addition to the top and the point.

And remember, work your way up to these techniques.

Don’t go face first and stick your tongue right on her clitoris, dude!

Get her engorged and turned on with a genital massage first and work your way from the outside in.

Don’t go immediately to her clitoris! Sheesh. Will you boys ever learn? 😉

(Just kidding, I LOVE your enthusiasm!)

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Let me know how you like the U-Spot Flick.

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  1. No matter what I say or do I cannot get my husband to slow down. It’s like he’s in a race to the finish. I tell him over and over again but he just doesn’t get it. I’ve explained how women need more stimulation prior to oral sex or penetration. Can you please post something that will help him get it.

  2. Just reading what one can do is like actually participating. I can’t wait to try these more non mainstream activities till they become part of our loving time together.

  3. My wife loves this. She cums over and over and over. She loves hearing it gush out and into my mouth. This makes her cum even harder. Thanks

  4. Sexual life has never been the same

  5. I would have never found the U spot without the Steamy Sex video. My Wife loves horizontal flicks. Drives her crazy.

  6. Alli need a nice pussy for some soft sex and wonderful lovemaking 4 to 6 hours.

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