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How To Make A Woman Serve You

How To Make A Woman Serve You

Imagine coming home from work. She meets you at the door wearing lingerie with a drink for you in her hand… the smell of delicious food permeates the air. “I’ve been for you to come home to me, baby.”

You know, sometimes we focus so much on attraction, arousal, and sex, that we forget the most primal thing about a relationship between a man and a woman.

The deep, raw, psychological reasons why men and women hook up, have hot sex, and maybe even start a family.

Even in today’s society where women are now stronger, more independent, and way more aggressive than we all used to be decades ago.

Deep down, a woman still loves to serve her good man. And he wants to conquer the world… so he can treat his woman like a queen.

You can’t fight our primal desires.


It’s this primal cycle of roles that is embedded in our brains. And we can’t escape it.

We still have the primal need to be a man’s queen. To serve him. So he can be a king, conquer the world, and give all the spoils to his woman.

Somewhere along the line, men lost track of that role. Some men throughout history screwed up so bad, women decided to take on that role themselves.

And that’s why a friend of mine, Jessica J. makes it her mission to teach men how to get back to their primal roots. So he can take on his role and have a woman serve him as his queen.

Jessica used to work as a therapist. She’s handled addicts, criminals, gang members, and other “difficult” clients.

People who DON’T WANT HELP.

However, she discovered a way to instantly connect with a stranger. In just a few seconds. Creating a “bond” that makes them feel they’ve known each other for years.

Today, she teaches men how to connect with beautiful strangers, create a magnetic bond with them, and spark arousal in a woman (so she can fulfill her primal craving to serve him), and of course, get her to have hot sex with him.

This is a picture of her where a friend of ours picked her up and she was taking a selfie.

Isn’t Jessica so cute?


If you’re interested in her instant connection technique…

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