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Casanova Sexy-Time Texting Technique

Casanova Sexy-Time Texting Technique

According to a Huffington Post article, women ignore 77% of texts from guys they just met.

Even if your approach was super hot and she was drooling all over you.

Unless you imprint your status inside her head with a masterful follow-up text.


Greg Greenway specializes in the follow-up game.

While there’s so many people who teach about approach, Greg teaches men how to get women to remember how hot they were for you when you approached them.

So they won’t forget you. So they won’t ignore your texts.

So they’ll ditch their parents to come over to your place, like it did when Greg sent the “Casanova” text, a 9-word seduce-any-girl text message, to this girl Ashley.

Make her eyes light up and have her licking her lips each time you send her a text.

Greg teaches you exactly how, with this collection of copy-and-paste texts, as well as his texting tactics and strategies nobody else is talking about.

Let me ask you this one more time.

When’s the last time a text got you laid?

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