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How To Attract Her With Your Scent

How To Attract Her With Your Scent

If you’re into “alternative health news,” you’ve definitely seen sexual attraction pheromones mentioned several times by your favorite, most trusted sources.

There’s a growing trend of men and women using human pheromones to get more affection, intimacy, and sex from their existing partners or from dating.

And here is a brand new video all about it:


If you’re asking what pheromones are, they’re odorless chemicals that animals produce to attract members of the opposite sex for mating and procreation purposes.

Ever seen a dog or cat “in-heat?”

The female animal secretes certain airborne pheromones to attract the opposite sex.

A recent research done by Swedish scientists claimed that they’ve proven that human males and females in fact do secrete pheromones.

And when you DO, you’ll effortlessly spark feelings of attraction, arousal, and lust in members of the opposite sex.

Even if you’re single and you think you’re unattractive. Even if you’re already married but your wife won’t make love to you.

The problem is that we wash away, clean out and cover up our natural pheromones with all the soaps and shampoos we use, and the clothes we wear.

The good news is that a dear friend,  Drew Amend, has developed powerful, safe, effective, and odorless pheromones that give you this unstoppable attraction power just by dabbing a little of it on your skin.

Imagine just stepping into a room full of people, like in a party, office meeting, or mall.

And you notice that as you walk past a bunch of people, women are noticeably turning their heads and giving you lingering looks.

They can’t seem to know why they’re drawn to you, but they are. They feel it.

Or if you’re already with a girlfriend, or you’re married, and you dab on a little of this pheromone on you.

Your lover just can’t seem to get her hands off you. And she won’t know why.

She’ll be just like when you first met.

Crazy about you. Just wanting to be with you. To touch you. To smell you.

To make love with you.

I cannot guarantee the pheromones will work on a specific woman or EVERY woman. Guys have been reporting back to me over the years and for some they work great and for others they have no effect.

What it seems is that if you and a woman have a “chemistry,” these pheromones amplify it. You’re going to attract certain women and not others — it doesn’t work 100%. It’s actually kind of random, but it has worked for a LOT of guys who follow my advice.

Like so many things, it will probably make you more confident just by doing it. And it will increase your chances just by wearing pheromones.

Women want a clean smelling guy, but they also want to feel that chemistry.

Also, don’t OVER DO it. Just a couple little dabs. Using pheromones is a SUBTLE attractor. And get close enough to her that she can get a whiff of you. All of that will help with the effect.

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  2. Where does one get it

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