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23-Second Waist-Shrinking Exercise

23-Second Waist-Shrinking Exercise

Fix back pain. Improve posture. Ease digestion. Slim your abs.

If  your back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain is getting in the way of some steamy, erotic nights with your lover…

Or your beer-belly is keeping you from feeling like a sex god in the bedroom, check out these unique doctor-recommended ab exercises.


In this video, Tyler Bramlett, a California-based personal trainer talks about how a traumatic experience involving his pregnant wife and unborn baby daughter led him to discover unique ab exercises he’s never heard of before…

What makes them so unique?

It’s because they are NOT the same old ab exercises everybody tells you to do.

You’ve probably never seen or tried these before.

According to Tyler, typical ab exercises do the opposite of what they’re supposed to do. He explains it in the video.

This “new” way of exercising gives you a slimmer waist, flatter belly, toned abs, and better overall sexual performance.

All without having to go on a strict diet or pouring money on expensive gym memberships.

If this is something you’d like to achieve…

These ab exercises, created by a Dr. James Vagher, help “activate” your core muscles…

Giving you toned abdominals, a slimmer waist, and a flatter belly.

These exercises also strengthen your core, relieving your back, shoulder, neck, and hip pain…

Which in turn improves your sexual performance greatly.

And of course, sex become hotter when you and your lover have nice toned bodies.

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