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How To Pass Her Female Shit Test

How To Pass Her Female Shit Test

How does it feel when someone tests you and you pass? Your chest puffs up, you stand taller, feel more sure of yourself. You may even throw your arms up in triumph.

But how often do you have a triumphant experience when a woman tests you?

Want an unfair advantage over other guys?

This is about passing shit tests with flying colors.

Let’s face it: your strength and character are tested all the time. Your boss tests you to see how much pressure you can take. Your employees test you by questioning your authority. Your dog tests you to see if he’s on a long or a short leash. And what about the children? Those little ones push and push until you draw a line in the sand they dare not cross.

And then there’s the woman in your life who can’t help but test you, and whose tests are often veiled, hard to see. Even more baffling is the fact that she isn’t even conscious she’s testing you! It’s her primal brain following the demands of her instincts.

Take it from a woman who knows: you need special training, especially if you’re like most guys and aren’t even aware that women test men.

See, most men are totally in the dark, oblivious to the fact that women test them. You may sense that she’s appraising you, judging your behavior, assessing your response to her protests, outright challenging your manliness and trying to get “the pants in the family” to fit her beautiful, round behind.

And yet, despite your sense that something’s afoot, you probably have a hard time believing she’s actually testing you.

I’m here to tell you: SHE IS.

A woman’s testing behavior is so prevalent, so insidious, so barely noticeable to most men (and, btw, barely conscious in women), that it’s called the shit test. She’s essentially saying, “Can you take it? Can you deal with my shit? Can you meet my requirements? Take care of my needs?”

Now that you are aware of the way women test men, you’ve got a leg up on all the other men who remain in the dark.

Most guys don’t know about this seemingly sly behavior and don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of passing her tests. But you do.

And when you do, the odds of getting what you want from a woman go sky high.

Instead of dreading the inevitable shit test, you’ll be able to embrace her testy behavior because you know what to do to win her over.

I want you to experience the absolute rush of successfully passing a girl’s shit test.

This is one skill I strongly encourage you to hone!

If you’re being pushed to the max, to that point where you absolutely have to push back, your tongue might get tied and you could feel confused as to how to respond “appropriately.”

These responses make it easy to pass a woman’s shit test and get a leg up over other guys who don’t even know what’s going on.


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