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Passing Your Woman’s Tests

Passing Your Woman’s Tests

“Once I understood her unconscious motivation, I no longer got tense when she offered me a challenge. I could stand strong as a man and deal with it.”

Face it, guys: all women test men.?

I know, I know, appalling isn’t it? Actually, no.

It’s totally understandable once you accept the fact that, for her, these tests are necessary.

And you also need to understand that she isn’t even aware she’s testing you, much less doing so with the intent to hurt or annoy you.

So… lest you brush her tests aside and dismiss her as “just being difficult” (a surefire way to fail), I want to offer a broader point of view.

Are you getting shit-tested?


Truth be told, this widely misunderstood pattern is actually female courting behavior. It’s how she’s programmed as a woman. See, she needs to know that you have a backbone. That’s the unconscious motivation behind her “tests.”

 Have you been caught tongue-tied when she gives you a test?

She may say something which sounds totally innocent, but behind it lies her primal brain… the unconscious female instinct that will push and push until she knows you’re man enough to take the reigns in the relationship.

Trust me on this one: she can’t help but push you to see what you’re really made of…

so you best get used to it.

There’s nothing you can do to stop it. She simply has to find out whether you lie to her or not, if you stand on your principles, and if you have what it takes to lead her and love her.

Most men have no idea what’s happening. Others actually demonize or condemn her behavior, calling her “manipulative” or “high maintenance.” They don’t have a clue that, underneath all her sassy bravado, what a woman really wants is a man who isn’t afraid to stand up to her.

It’s hard to believe, I know, but she actually needs a man who refuses to be pushed around.

She needs to know that you’re not a wimp.

And you’re pretty much screwed if you don’t have the perfect comeback quick as a whip.

That’s why you need my friend Brent Smith’s Shit Test Encyclopedia.

So pull up your jockey shorts and be the man she needs.

If you’re still scratching your head saying, “But I don’t like it when she gets testy!”

understand this: she’s testing your strength and devotion for good reason. Once you realize that she needs to know that you’re man enough to handle her, you’ll be able to get out ahead of it so you can pass with straight A’s.

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