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Problematic Foods That Interfere With Sexual Performance

Problematic Foods That Interfere With Sexual Performance

So many men and women email me about their struggles with achieving great sex

But when I dig a little deeper into their problem, they reveal that they have some underlying health issues.

Some guys struggle to achieve erections because their circulatory system is compromised from having diabetes.

Some women with diabetes also experience less vaginal lubrication, difficulty getting aroused, having low libido, and inability to achieve orgasms.

I specialize in helping singles and couples with their relationships and sex life, however, when health is compromised, I will refer you to experts on the subjects.

One of them is Matt Traverso.


Matt has found a way for ordinary people to break free from diabetes medication and the restrictive lifestyle.

He talks about how our normal Western diet is pretty much problematic, and how our pancreas is constantly under attack because of the food we eat.

According to him, this is a determining factor to people getting diabetes.

When the pancreas is damaged, it can no longer produce the insulin our body needs.

While we’re being taught that the best way to avoid diabetes, and to minimize its effects when we already have it is to avoid sugar —that’s only part of the solution.

Because if we continue to eat these problematic foods, our pancreas will continue to suffer.

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If you or someone you know struggles with their blood sugar constantly, or if you or someone you know have a family history of diabetes…

This will help you out greatly.

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