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The 4 Precepts of the Noble Spirit

The 4 Precepts of the Noble Spirit

Calming your mind. Entering a state of tranquility. Releasing emotional charges. Reducing stress. These are all ways to open the channel to your own internal guides. Your own Noble Spirit.


You are always going to run into fears, doubts and uncertainties in the areas of survival, love, peace among humans, equality and other such lofty ideals.

In day-to-day practice, you make choices that are influenced by your judgements and beliefs.  And your behaviors and choices are influenced by your values and ideals.

How you feel about life from one moment to the next can be improved by making choices based on who you WANT to be, not who you’ve been until this moment dearest. 

In a world full of conflicts and contradictions, where do we turn to for guidance?

The answer is in the still center within you.

And my friend, Chris Van Buren has created a free ebook you can download to get the 4 precepts of being a noble spirit.

This is how you can hear your inner wisdom. The voice of your soul. A more enlightened, fully-mature and empowered version of your conscience.

It’s called your Noble Spirit.

Noble spirit is an invisible badge that puts people above and beyond themselves.

This is not earned by wealth, good-looks, influence, personality, or power.

This must be earned by living according to a Noble Code. A way of living among fellow human beings.

An ethical and moral code that requires no leap of faith, no fanatical belief system, no dogma.

It is a set of guidelines that provides a personal truth and a meaning to your life.

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