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How To Avoid The “Break-Up Cycle Of Heartache”

If you’ve ever lost an ex and you want him back, read this…

A lot of ladies freak out in the initial stages of a break up.

And if you’ve ever tried it, you know what I mean.

Your emotions run high. You feel like a complete mess.

You’re hurt. He’s hurt. Or the passion has faded.

Whatever the reason was, there’s a way to bring the fiery hot desire back.

But you first have to not get caught up in the “breakup cycle of heartache.”


Here’s how the breakup cycle of heartache goes.

It starts with some anger, some hurt, a little bit of crying, and a whole lotta pain.

Then you go into the phase where you’re frantically asking why the relationship fell apart.

Next, you go into bargaining and begging your ex to come back.

Some women even ask to be “just friends.”

Then there’s the feeling of numbness, of being lost and alone.

After that, you go back to phase one. You’re wrapped up in anger, hurt, and pain.

Then the cycle continues.

If you don’t stop the cycle, it can go on for weeks… even months.

Heck, some women don’t get over a breakup for years. And it ruins their lives and their chances of getting a functional relationship and sex life again.

You deserve some loving.

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