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How Ladies Can Translate A Man’s Love Signals

How Ladies Can Translate A Man’s Love Signals

What if a guy thinks he’s communicating his love for you, and you just can’t tell?

Like he’s atop a mountain screaming out how he loves and adores every little thing about you.

That he finds your little quirks gorgeous.

How your smile makes him all warm inside.

Yet in YOUR mind, he’s being an insensitive, emotionless jerk.

This happens so many times with women that it’s heartbreaking.


Surprisingly, a study published in the journal “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” find that men express love differently from women.

Men often express love by thinking up activities to do together. Whether it is cleaning the house, playing video games, going skydiving, or even just binge-watching shows on Netflix.

While on the other hand, women show love by being less assertive and more accommodating to their man’s needs.

You see, men and women express their emotions differently.

While we like to do things our way, the guys often have a completely different approach to love and affection.

Notice how sometimes men just pull away all of a sudden? They become depressed, confused, and even withdraw into their own little worlds.

This is usually a sign for when he just recently showed you how much he loves you, but you didn’t respond.

Most likely, because you didn’t notice it.

He probably did something dumb like tease you or pull an insensitive prank.

But did you know guys only do that to girls they have special feelings for?

Or when he hides in his “mancave” for days. He’s just relieving stress in his own way.

Women usually talk about our problems or watch a good movie with a bucket of ice cream in our hands and we’re fine.

A man’s love signals are different.

And if you can’t translate them, you’ll interpret them wrongly. You’ll think he doesn’t love you. You’ll think he doesn’t care.

He may be professing his undying love for you right now. Well, at least in his mind, he thinks he is.

And when you miss these love signals, he assumes you don’t care. So he pulls away because he feels so defeated and humiliated.

Your man, or a guy you like, could very well be pulling out all the stops to express himself to you in his mind, but to you he’s just being weird.

You won’t want to miss his love signals would you?

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On the other side of the spectrum, a guy could be showing his love signals for another woman right under your nose. So even if you’re already in a “great relationship,” it’s worth it to know his love signals to stay on top of things.

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