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Learn How To Have A Millionaire Mindset

Learn How To Have A Millionaire Mindset

“If you dream, you can do it.”

Only hours before I was interviewed for a book about women entrepreneurs, I was sobbing into my towel in the bathroom.

I cried. Hard. I just let myself feel my misery. Then I wiped my tears, put on my make up and did the interview.

Why was I crying? (scroll down)

Because YouTube disabled my ability to put links to my website in my videos. They said our site is too sexual in nature.

I understand they want to keep viewers on their site. And they can’t make the judgement call between what I teach — heart-connected, passionate lovemaking techniques —and all the other kinds of sex information that’s out there. I just get lumped into the sex bucket with all the weirdos and click bait mongers. It is SO HARD to be a sex advisor in the low-trust, high-porn world of today.

I’m used to requiring inordinate amounts of courage and tenacity to keep going in the face of all the shame and porn and religious repression. That’s why I dried my eyes and carried on. I’ll figure out what to do about YouTube because I LOVE making those videos for you. I love giving away free skills to help anyone who is seeking a higher sexual experience. And I love being on video to do it.

I am tenacious. I embody the mindset of tenacity. I will find a way to keep moving forward with my mission and my passion for teaching sexual skills. No one can quiet me or shut me down. I keep finding a way.

Where did I get that mindset? How come I don’t crumple in the face of adversity? How did I make my fortune, lose my fortune, and make my fortune again?


That has been my life’s mantra.

I take my lumps and just keep moving forward.

Having a mindset that lets you know you can always recover from the inevitable setbacks of life was a mindset I pieced together through a lot of reading and workshops over the last 35 years.

I wish I’d had this Manifestation Millionaire formula where all of the most critical mindsets have been assembled in one place:

  • Manifestation Mindset
  • Portal Jumping
  • Visualizing Success
  • The 3 Laws of Abundant Living
  • The Power of Gratitude
  • Manifesting Through Clarity
  • Millionaire Manifesting

Because once you have money everything else seems to fall into place. Or you have the resources to handle life when it inevitably falls to pieces.

These particular mindset techniques are truly the crucial ways of thinking that mean the difference between struggle and ease. And they are all in one place.

If you had to adopt a set of thought practices that would ensure you success, these are it with my highest recommendation.


To get all these important techniques you would have had to read at least 30 books. And now they are all integrated into a step-by-step process for retraining your mind to be successful — instead of sabotaging yourself like you may be doing.

You life is the movie of your thoughts.

Think of your thoughts as being projected onto a movie screen. That is your life up there! If you’re not wealthy, it may not be a film you want to sit through. Your own thoughts are what are holding you back from embracing the wealth that is available to you. And many of these thoughts you got from your parents. This is not a blame game. But you can change your thoughts about money.

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<== Changes Your Thoughts About Money

If there is one small book you can read to change your entire mindset about money, this is the one.

Create your own movie of your life’s success.

Knowing these mindset techniques is literally the difference between a life of security and comfort and a life of struggle.


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