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Why Some Men Lack Sexual Confidence

Why Some Men Lack Sexual Confidence

95% of men’s sexual performance has almost nothing to do with their body.

Sure, getting bendy, erectile dysfunction, coming too quick, and not having enough stamina are all physical right?

Well, the reality is, unless you have health problems, these are mostly in your head.

Not in your imagination, but in your subconscious wiring.

Nervous during sex?

Maybe you were sexually shamed in the past?

Or maybe a bullying incident scarred some part of your subconscious and is now manifesting in your adult life?

Who knows. But we all have these experiences in some form or another. Even women.

And that’s where most performance issues originate from.

It would be incredibly easy if we knew WHAT the psychological problem was so we could fix it right away.

However, it’s almost impossible to do that without having an appointment with a psychiatrist.

Here’s something much better and so much easier.


We’ve talked about how hypnosis really isn’t all that crazy and weird as it’s made out to be.

Like how it’s being used to improve the performance and productivity of elite athletes and entrepreneurs.

Or help curb addiction and eliminate phobias.

Hypnosis is a therapeutic solution, and what better way to remove the “junk baggage” in our subconscious than with therapeutic upgrades like this?

Instead of having to go through books, training, and practice…

If your mind is open enough to try this out, you can bypass all that.

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What does Sexual God Confidence do for you?

First off, giving you sexual confidence, obviously.

True, mental and physical confidence in knowing you can sexually perform at your peak.

Because this program cleans up the dirt that’s been causing performance issues all throughout your life, specifically when it comes to sex.

All without you having to do the cleaning yourself.

Side effects will most likely include increased libido, an improvement in your sexual energy, having more stamina, being able to last much longer, and of course, having the attitude to dominate and pleasure any woman to climax.

And maybe, you might even lose a bit of sleep because of all the sex you’ll be having. So if

you’re willing to miss out on that, this program is for you.

Open up your mind to what you can achieve.


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