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What Are The Sexual Trigger Words

What Are The Sexual Trigger Words


Subtly inject these sexual trigger words in your daily conversations and watch your sex life explode!

Do you know that literotica is a multi-million dollar industry?

Women especially love to read erotic stories.  

It’s because these books are loaded to the brim with sexual trigger words that spark the fire of hot, steamy, sexual desire in a woman.

Women, being generally more auditory than visual like men, respond surprisingly well to these kind of sexy trigger words.

If a guy can master these sexual trigger words and use them when he talks to women, his sex life improves. And yes, this works on WIVES too!

Luckily you don’t have to read erotic books to know what these sexual trigger words are.


These trigger words tap into a woman’s erotic fantasies, secret fetishes, raw sexual tension, and her hidden desires.

I’ve seen the list.

You’ll discover how to use these sexual trigger words casually, then quickly escalate it to flirty, then to sexually arousing, then to sexually dominating and beyond.

You can use one of the words like, “Sloppy” in a casual, flirty way to trigger her inner carnal desires.

“You’re such a sloppy girl! I love the way how you just dive into that burger! You’re going places.”

Then later, when you follow the instructions, you’ll end up using the word, “Swallow…”

You get the picture.

Make her horny for you by surgically injecting these sexual trigger words in your daily conversations.

Then watch her open up and invite you in.

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You can use these words to get your wife or girlfriend horny AF, or on any girl you want to get into bed with.

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