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The Side Effects of Sex Pheromone Sprays

The Side Effects of Sex Pheromone Sprays

Did you get your bottle of Troy’s new Secret Seduction Spray yet?

The 50% discount is automatic when you click this link before midnight.


Have you seen the bottle? It looks as sophisticated as it is.

But if you want to amplify your natural attraction mechanism, otherwise known as your pheromones, you’ll want to get your bottle today.

Get more winks, smiles, and playful, erotic attention from women you meet every day.

Get more intimacy and sex from your wife or girlfriend.

All you need is to spray a little bit on you and you become a magnet.

Slight WARNING though.

Like I said in previous emails, it may or may not work for you.

And it may work in different ways: When you’re a little bit closer, or even when you’re a few steps away.

It may be more effective on some women more than others.

And it may “attract” other women instead of the one you want. Like when you want to talk to the blonde, but it’s pulling in her three friends instead.

You want to put your wife in the mood, but it’s also seducing your coworkers, your boss, that cute barista, and even that girl in the gym who has a boyfriend.

You never know!

So there’s a bit of excitement, isn’t there?

Here’s one more email I got recently from a pheromone user.

“I’ve been seeing this girl for a while and we never really had sex yet. We just lightly rubbed over certain areas. She’s the shy type. So am I.

I’d just be touching her chest and butt. And she’s content with just stroking my crotch area.

She was so good at putting me in my place whenever I asked for sex. It got frustrating sometimes.

But when I got this Secret Seduction Spray, she’s the one who’s now hinting about having sex.

Not sure what just happened, or what will happen. But this pheromone spray makes me nervous and excited.

It’s the spray that gets you laid.

The clock is ticking. I could only ask Troy Valence, the creator of Secret Seduction Spray, for a few days for the 50% off discount link. Tonight’s the last night. Get it while it’s still half off for you.

Here are more men who claim it’s done wonders for them.

“I don’t know if it’s the spray working or my subconscious confidence. Whatever. I will definitely get more when I run out as the smell in itself it worth the price.”

“I have bought this 3 times now. Smells great to me and get lots of women asking me what aftershave I’m wearing because they want to buy it for their partners. Highly recommend if you like attention. Thanks Troy… I owe you one.”


“I ran my own test with this stuff and it’s totally legit. A couple weeks ago my band did a three day gig at a casino. The first day I put some on and the barmaids were digging on me more so than usual. One that I’ve seen several times who is kinda standoffish actually smiled and asked me how I was doing. The other barmaid smiled and winked at me a few time, and seemingly got a bit jealous when my girlfriend arrived. My girl was all over me that night (in a great way). The next night I didn’t put any on and it was the same ol’ usual gig. Nothing remarkable. ( of course my lady was still digging on me). Third night I put some on, and it was like magic again. So being the skeptic I am, I put some on this last weekend for my gig on Saturday night. Had several women tell me how great I smelled. Now this is weird as hell, but my girlfriend’s mom even made some comments that threw me a bit sideways but nevertheless it was, in my opinion, directly reflecting on the application of the cologne. Then the next day my bag got stolen. Now some miscreant will be getting the goods. Have a great day. Blessings, and have a wonderful day ;-)“

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