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The Scent That Puts Her In The Mood For Sex

The Scent That Puts Her In The Mood For Sex


Allow me to be a bit of a science nerd about sex and attraction…

For many organisms —not just us homo sapiens —pheromonal communication is of particular importance in reproduction.

When a chemical message triggers specific effects in the receiver, the substance is said to be a pheromone.

For example, a woman’s Vomeronasal organs picks up the “smell” of the pheromones you emit and sends signals to her brain that make her desire copulation.

This is a picture of the Vomeronasal organ VNO in the nasal cavity. This hole feeds the pheromone molecules to the olfactory system. That triggers her brain to want to engage in sexual intercourse.

In today’s modern world, you end up showering off your pheromones. So she never gets the trigger that puts her body subtly “in the mood” for some bedroom loving.

We are animals. Just like dogs sniff the air, we are picking up signals of reproduction… unless you’ve washed them all off! Which means adding a tiny bit of pheromones back onto your body after you shower will send those molecules up into her VNO, triggering a cascade of copulatory response.

Read about how pheromones worked like BOOM for Carter and his wife.


“When I first found the Secret Seduction Spray website, I think I was setting myself up to be disappointed. I thought it would rejuvenate my sex life with my wife.


But when I opened up the bottle, I didn’t smell a thing. Nada. Sure there was some faint scent I could pick up. But my bottle of Axe smelled 10 times better.


I sprayed a little on my neck and chest just for laughs.


Well, later that night nobody was laughing. My wife got crazy horny despite the fact that we haven’t had a go at it for almost a year. We had sex so crazy and wild I thought she was a different woman.


This thing didn’t rejuvenate my sex life. It gave me a whole new one!”


Pheromones aren’t like perfumes and colognes where you “smell good.”

Our bodies naturally produce these chemicals to attract those of the opposite sex for mating purposes. Just like how female dogs attract male dogs when they’re “in heat.”

We naturally have these pheromones. But our habits of bathing with soaps and shampoos, as well as using antiperspirants and deodorants mask these chemicals rendering them useless.

Now with Secret Seduction Spray, you can enhance your body’s natural attraction factor just by putting a little of it on you.

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More men clamoring for Secret Seduction Spray:

“This stuff works a treat and smells great!!!! I don’t know if I suddenly work up better looking or if it’s down to the spray (it’s they spray). I’ve used other oils in the past and nothing comes even close with the compliments that I get from women, and strangely some men as well. Will be getting more next order.”


“Thanks Troy! I’m getting A LOT of compliments! No one has ripped my shirt open yet but it’s still early days! Thanks again man.”


“I do NOT recommend this product to ANYONE. Because I want it all to myself haha! Joking aside, the spray smells great. There a girl who in my office that, without fail, always… always ask me what aftershave I am wearing whenever I wear this scent. Only this scent… and I have 20 other aftershaves. It god damn works! Thanks Troy.”


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  1. Thanks for sharing all this important information ! I’m always looking for help in attraction ! I’ve used the pheromones before I really didn’t have much success but I will certinly give it one more shot! Since you shared this information thanks as always I enjoy reading your ideas ! Thanks matttew

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