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3 Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away

3 Mistakes Women Make That Drive Men Away

If you’re struggling to find a man who will devote himself to you…

Or if your man isn’t giving you the love and affection he used to give…

It might be because of some small things you’re unconsciously doing that are driving him further and further away from you.

Men, contrary to popular belief, are emotional creatures too.

But their emotions work differently from ours.

And when you do something that bruises their ego even just a little bit, they become savagely emotional inside. They just don’t know how to show it.

Here are 3 things you could be doing that’s making guys look the other way. This is the same for when you’re trying to attract men or when already with a man.

#1 — You don’t let him be the “man” he is.

Men will be men.

They play rough. They love their little obsessions. And on the inside they’re still little kids.

Whether he’s into sports, loud rock music, video games, fantasy role-playing, or nerdy TV shows, there’s something (or in some cases, A LOT of things) he’s obsessed about that you might not quite be fond of.

And when you suppress or even subtly hint that you disapprove of his “manly” obsessions, you’re suppressing him for who he is.


#2 — You act like his “mommy”

It’s true some men can be immature, especially when they’re around friends.

And we all know they can be REALLY bull-headed.

It’s our job to put them in their place.

However, there’s a proper time and place to let him know he’s crossed the line.

And when you do it in front of other people, you undermine his perceived power and authority.

Especially when you let him know he’s wrong.

It’s all about the ego, girl. Notice a pattern?

#3 — You talk to him like you normally do with other people

You see, when a guy notices that you speak to him the same way you would speak to your girlfriends or other male friends, he’s going to assume he’s not significant to you.

Simply put, the way you talk to him doesn’t excite him.

Your words don’t hook him, pull him in, and keep him locked down.

He’s not addicted to your “Passion Phrases.”

He doesn’t feel like you’re going to ROCK his world inside the bedroom, and outside.

That’s why my friend Carlos Cavallo compiled everything he knows about words, phrases, and ways to speak that drive men wild and instill feelings of attraction, arousal and affection for you.

That way, when you talk to a guy, he’ll NOTICE you.

Time stops for him. His attention will be on YOU and you alone.

Because he’s hooked, addicted and caught in your radiance.

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