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How To Empower Your Inner Wisdom

How To Empower Your Inner Wisdom

Noble spirit is an invisible badge that puts people above and beyond themselves.

How do you live a Noble life?

And what does it take to live a Noble life?

In today’s world, we’re pounded from all directions with moments of fear, doubt, confusion, and uncertainty.

During these times we are at our weakest. And it’s when we are weak that we stray from living a Noble kind of life.

It’s during these time when we stray from our path and do things we may sooner or later regret, or that otherwise leave a bad taste in our mouth.

When the going gets rocky, to whom do you turn for guidance?

My friend, Chris Van Buren says we have our own inner wisdom to turn to. However, you have to know how to empower it.


Chris has a 3-part video series where he talks about his own personal journey, and how he discovered the Noble Code.

Here’s what he has ready for you:

  • The Code of the Noble Spirit, and what it means to have a code to live by
  • How to empower and channel your Inner Wisdom and use them as guides
  • The Noble Path, and how to put all these ideas together into action in your life

What exactly is the Noble Spirit?

It is your inner wisdom. The voice of your soul. A more enlightened, fully-mature and empowered version of your conscience.

Noble spirit is an invisible badge that puts people above and beyond themselves.

This is not earned by wealth, good-looks, influence, personality, or power.

This must be earned by living according to a Noble Code. A way of living among fellow human beings.

An ethical and moral code that requires no leap of faith, no fanatical belief system, no dogma.

It is a set of guidelines that provides a personal truth and a meaning to your life.

Watch his videos. He’s making it available online for FREE.

He’s just so authentic at what he does and talks about, you just can’t help but watch more from him.

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