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How To Improve Your Abilities

Pleasure Zones: Stimulating Key Points

Let’s have some fun.

If you can choose anyone in the world to meet and absorb their special talents and abilities, who would it be?

Would you like to meet someone like Elon Musk, Richard Branson or Oprah? Maybe you’d like to meet athletes like Michael Phelps or Anna Kournikova.

Let’s make this more interesting.

If you could acquire the skills and abilities of anyone throughout history, who would you choose?

Well, did you know you can actually do what I just talked about?

It’s called the Raikov Effect and you can learn more about it when you click the link below.


Sounds like a fantasy novel?

A good friend, Karl Moore, has discovered how a Russian scientist’s experiments in the ‘60s can help regular people tap into the genius, skills, and wisdom of anyone of their choosing.

From present-day people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Hillary Clinton…

To history’s big names like Marcus Aurelius, Beethoven, or Frank Sinatra.

The experiment involved students learning to play music.

After the trials, students were able to play the piano like Rachmaninoff and the violin like Fritz Kreisler.

This technique has been VERY successful with my fans. Try the Raikov Effect yourself.

After all, the smarter you are, the better your life gets.

You just need to open your mind to the possibilities and give it a go.

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