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The Right “Vibrations” Bring The Best Sex

The Right “Vibrations” Bring The Best Sex

It’s not about technique. It’s not about size. It’s not even about types of orgasm.

It’s about vibe.

Sex isn’t the main subject of our friend Robyn Openshaw’s new book, Vibe. But it is the subject of one important chapter.

Robyn Openshaw

About the most powerful force field in the Universe.

You can’t talk about health and happiness without eventually talking about sex.

You can’t talk about your sexual connection with another human being without talking about your energetic frequency match, or resonant connection. Or vibe.


The book explores why Albert Einstein said, “Everything in life is vibration,” and why Nikola Tesla later said, “If you want the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.”

Did you know that a substance of a higher frequency can cause a substance of a lower frequency to increase?

Which means that what you’re eating, and what you’re medicating with, and who you’re spending your time with, are powerful in helping you live a high-vibration life.

We talk about how like attracts like, and how significant this is, for who you’re attracting.

What you do to “metabolize” your emotions is important. Some simple daily habits can help you both “ground” your energetic frequencies, as well as “charge” them when you need that.

Many people report that their sex lives are unsatisfying, and usually the conversation, when they seek help, is around dysfunction, stamina, or communication issues in the relationship.

Robyn’s former career was as a sex therapist. And in the graduate schools of America, no one is diving into “quantum physics” as a way to understand the way we relate to each other.

So the book shares with you why you want to understand and protect your sexual vibrations, because they’re an important part of you, overall.

The book takes a very fresh look at your sex life, in a dedicated chapter in the book. The name of the chapter is Sexual Energetics: The Most Powerful Force Field in the Universe.

Too many people are treating their sexuality as a separate, or embarrassing, or even deviant, part of themselves.

Vibe discusses how sexuality is energies. And how the way we use those energies, who and what we allow into that important part of our human experience, affects our overall vibration.

In sexually experimentative phases, human beings often energetically harm themselves, or others, using this powerful force in a way that is disruptive to the human being’s overall synchronous flow.

As with other energetic disconnects, we can end up feeling jarred, jangled, and “not ourselves” when we don’t understand sexual energetics and misuse this power.

Reading the “sex chapter” might give you some a-ha moments. About why sometimes you fight with a partner in the 24 hours following a particularly extraordinary sexual experience with him or her.

The intention is to help you connect all the bits and parts of what makes you “you,” and what makes you happy, in a “quantum” way.

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