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2 Clitoral Lick Tricks

2 Clitoral Lick Tricks

You gaze into each other’s eyes. He tells you to get ready for a night you’ll never forget. You’re holding on to dear life, clutching the sheets and gasping for air. You’ve never experienced cunnilingus like this before. “You look so beautiful down here…” he whispers, and gives your Yoni a soft kiss. You feel his lips pleasuring your goddess point. Your body pulses with pleasure. Then he proceeds with the “Lick N’ Roll.”

According to my new “Desire Survey,” a majority of thousands of women report wanting more oral sex as one of their top three unmet desires…

That’s why 3rd gift of the week is four oral sex techniques. Two to teach him. Two to do to him.

Here’s How To 10x Your Oral Sex Tonight ⇐ 4 Fascinating Oral Lovin’ Techniques

Women tell me their second biggest desire is “to climax more easily.” But they want guys to take it slow. Not just bury their face in our lady bits and latch on to our clitoris.

This need for tenderness comes from us women wanting long, slow, sensual lovemaking instead of trying to FORCE us to come or to try to make us come as QUICKLY as possible.

He needs to have enough experience and techniques to be able to confidently get us off without creating performance anxiety for us. That’s the “being taken” experience women crave.

The good news is that if we have some techniques memorized, we can TRAIN our man to lick us well.

In this 20 minute video I demonstrate (fully-clothed) four oral sex techniques:


  • Lick & Roll Oral
  • The U-Spot Flick

FELLATIO (for him)

  • Lord of the Rings
  • Every Which Way But Loose

These four techniques will 10X your oral sex because they take into account the fact that pleasure is enhanced when you go well beyond just licking the tip…

When you pair any well-trained man with a woman STRAINING to eek out one little orgasm, she will absolutely have a breakthrough orgasmic experience in his masterful hands. Put him with a woman who loves oral and she will come the entire time he’s going down on her… that’s how good it can be when done well.

The only thing separating men who can get any woman off and men who cannot is education and experience.

That’s why I want you to go watch my new video:

10X Your Oral Sex ⇐ 4 Free Push Button Oral Techniques


The four oral pleasuring techniques I demonstrate will help you teach a guy oral mastery.

Make Your Oral Orgasms Ten Times Better ⇐ Watch These Techniques

If you are a woman who feels rushed or is struggling to come from oral… watch the video.

For men it’s that excited, enthusiastic response from her which shows he is desired and sexually wanted and that he is doing a great job giving incredible pleasure… better than any other man.

This is why men love slow teasing and enthusiastic, sloppy oral loving where she’s looking up into his eyes and thoroughly getting herself off on him.

Interestingly, in a survey by Penthouse Magazine of over 5,000 professional escorts, 88% of men who cheat admit to doing so as a result of “unsatisfying or near nonexistent blow jobs.”

There isn’t much that endears a man to a woman more than a home-cooked meal and regular BJs. And not in that order!

A woman who learns how to give incredible fellatio will basically turn her man into her love-slave.

A lack of head dampens a guy’s spirit…

And a lot of men tell me their woman is sweet to TRY, but does a horrible job. That’s just because she doesn’t have any models for great head and she doesn’t know what to do. So watch this video.

If you want to blow each other away…

If your partner is reluctant…

Or if what you’re getting feels like a blow JOB, not a blow vacation…

Even if the cunnlingus feels like he’s going through the motions and he’s not really INTO IT and present WITH you.

Or your partners are only giving to GET…

Or you don’t know what to tell your lover to do, but you know what they’re doing ISN’T IT…

Educate yourself.

10X Your Oral Sex ⇐ Watch Me Demonstrate 4 Free Oral Techniques

Learn techniques so the confidence you gain keeps building on itself… as does the pleasure and sensation you give and receive.

So that’s a little insight into the masculine/feminine dynamic to bring your enthusiasm, your reassurance, your tender heart and all your slow, erotic desire to your lover.

Now go watch this awesome video.

4 Push-Button Oral Sex Techniques (VIDEO) <== Watch Now (24 minutes)

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